Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 is a real year?

So yeah, 2011 doesn't exist in my mind yet... still! Is this a problem or is that coming in like 48 hours!!! *meep* 2010 is ending and I don't know if I'm ready for a new year. Time is such a strange thing. I absolutely can't believe that we've been at this for 5 months, or that I've been a nerdfighter for nearly a year.

Nerdfighteria came into my life at a time when I was changing a lot and defining a lot of who I am now. I do not feel like the person who was at the end of 2009. I've embrace my nerd-itude (okay, never using that word again) and immersed myself in the wonderful wiles of the internet. This has landed me with penpals in Australia as well as the US, a blog collab with awesome people, a better friendship with some of my IRL friends, an obbession of all things Harry Potter, that I'm very proud of and so many awesome experiences. I guess in some ways I feel like I've been a part of Nerdfighteria forever, but at the same time I feel like I'm completely new to this, I can't have become involved about a year ago!?

I love this place, however you want to define this; the internet, Nerdfighteria, this blog, I'm apart of all of it and that feels amazing. Just today I met like five people from the liveshow and now we are talking on Skype or on Tumblr and I love that Nerdfighteria can bring that to me.

I think what I am most proud of in 2010 and the thing that has changed me the most is Hank and John and this community. I can't really explain that to my teachers at school, or even most of the people I know, but they people who do get it know what I mean. Friends in all parts of the world that in some ways are just made of pixels and in some ways are more real than the classmates I've known for years.

So this has been a rambly, end-of-the-year post.
Oh and this:

Late Christmas present my awesome friend!

See you 2010! And I'll see blog you all in 2011!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Scheduled Lateness

So I'm back from nowhere, aka the place without internet. The snow was nice, but I like the rain better, and I'm happy to be back somewhere where there's friends and people to chill with. So next week is fosho confessions/resolutions week, cos i think this time of year might be one when everyone needs it. Maybe. So I'll send out some sort of email or whatever and we can go from there.

Driving lessons soon. Exciting right? I'm almost able to get my permit, and I literally cannot wait. When I was little, my parents used to stop tantrums by driving me around parking lots. I don't know if that's why, but I'm always really calm in cars. I love just driving. I cant wait until I can start driving myself. There's a poem someone sent me once. I really love it. its called The Sacred

By Stephen Dunn

After the teacher asked if anyone had
   a sacred place
and the students fidgeted and shrunk
in their chairs, the most serious of them all
   said it was his car,
being in it alone, his tape deck playing
things he'd chosen, and others knew the truth
   had been spoken
and began speaking about their rooms,
their hiding places, but the car kept coming
   up, the car in motion,
music filling it, and sometimes one other person
who understood the bright altar of the dashboard
   and how far away
a car could take him from the need
to speak, or to answer, the key
   in having a key
and putting it in, and going. 

I think that says it all for the night. Confessions next week. Email time. Check yours. 

Goodbye, 2010.

I'm feeling a bit depressed because I just watched Kristina Horner's last video on 5AG... and I know this week will be very sad after watching the other girls' videos as well.

I've never really said it, though I think it's really obvious judging by my lame-o posts, but I just discovered the world of Nerdfighteria this summer, got into ALL CAPS at the start of school, starting watching 5AG at the beginning of November, and am now entering into the wizard wrock world. Oh, and how could I forget - I started this awesome blog collab in August.

When I joined the ning, I was just in awe about this place that was so full of awesome I desperately wanted to be a part of it as soon as I could.... and so, here I am.

To be perfectly honest, I haven't been too good with being involved with this blog. I throw together posts last minute, skip around, sometimes I don't read your posts. I think it's harder to be together in a blog than a vlog, because a blog requires you to mindfully participate whereas you can just sit and watch a vlog. (But hey, considerably, for our first time I think we're doing pretty good. We're almost at 100!)

But that isn't a good excuse. So in 2011, I really want to start being active with this blog - although I suppose I'm 5 months too late in that, huh? I feel like I owe it to everyone, though, so I'm going to try. This is my resolution for the new years.

I know there's been a lot of confusion lately as to what we're doing. I've got a number of ideas that I want to share with you guys. I think we need some sort of communication to keep outside of this blog so we can stay on track, since apparently discussing things on the blog doesn't seem to be working out. But as it's the holidays, I think we can worry about that later. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas. See you in 2011!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I wish it wasn't over :( I wasn't around my computer as much as I wanted and I wished I could have participated more, but now I have something to look forward to next year :) I am also really proud of myself for donating real money to the raffles and participating in that way because usually that is not something I would do, but it feels really good. I think the Project for Awesome was, well... awesome this year! I saw some really great videos and found charities which I want to support. Because of Kristina Horner's video between now and February I will be crocheting caps for children (learn more here). I also will be getting a copy of John's Zombicorn novella, which I am very excited about.

Some thoughts on P4A this year: though I haven't participated in past years, what struck me about the old project for awesome videos and stories was the sense of community and underhandedness (for charity!) of the old P4A, I was very excited to be a part of that, but really, now the Project for Awesome is in conjunction with YouTube and we get fancy awesome Liveshows and I sort of miss the old way, despite the fact that I wasn't there for that. I know that John and Hank are aware of that because John expressed that much on Twitter, but I still miss that sense. I guess here's to hoping that next year's P4A will bring back the craziness and combine it with this year's amazing amount of money raising. As confirmed by Brotherhood 2.0's resident mathematician Daniel Biss $130,000 is a lot of money!

So I hope everyone has a happy holiday, whatever holiday you are celebrating! Me and my garlicy fingers are going to get some sleep now (I made garlic and parmesan mash potatoes for English class, haha)


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I'm wondering if we can push back the Creative-Exchange thing even further, because I've been really busy as of late and am not sure if I can come up with something next week. If we do push it back, can we make next week about the Confessions theme that we never got to doing?

I stayed up late last night so I could watch the lunar eclipse, but I ended up not able to see it because it was so darn cloudy =__=...

I woke up on last Friday LATE. I missed the launch of #p4a and was in a panic for the next couple of hours until I uploaded my video. I forgot to eat until my parents came home and found me crouched over on the computer with this face O___O in mad spamwow commenting mode.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch the livestream of Saturday but WOW. The videos on the p4a youtube page make it look amazing… and it makes me feel lame for missing the livestream.

This is my first year participating in #p4a, and I never knew it was such a big an awesome and amazing thing. At least, it definitely was this year. It's mind-boggling to think that so many different people can come together for the sake of awesome!

Anyway, if any of you guys made a P4A video, I'd love to watch it! (Even if it's a bit late now, haha...)

I hope you guys have a happy holiday! Cheers!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


So I'm writing this post because tomorrow I will be away from any and all computers. That means no blog post. So I got a little bit confused with the whole Christmas exchange thing? What am I scanning into the computer? And who am I giving it to? I'm really terribly sorry, but I don't think i'll be able to have anything till next monday. Oh that's another thing. this whole not having a computer dilemma may last until then, and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to post until tuesday. I feel really bad about all this. sorry guys.
So now for some actual bloggy things. I found this really awesome website yesterday. It makes noise like the wii game, if you've ever spent too long on the menu. My dad and I spent like a half hour working out how it works and making songs and triads and stuff.

Project for Awesome looked like it had gone really well yesterday. I'm not a youtuber but I watched a whole bunch and it looked like it was a lot bigger than past years.

I'm a ravenclaw. It's always been my favorite house, and I feel like I'd fit in there best. I think it's cos it's sort of where the odd smart kids hang out. Definitely my thing.

So that's all I have time for. Sorry guys. Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ima get your heart racing in my skin tight dreams, be your teenage dream tonight ;)

Baby, Baby, Baby, OOH. Like Baby, baby, baby, OOH.
Bella, Bella, Bella, oh. Like Bella, bella, bella, no.

Okay, to factors to note:
Firstly, I am not infact a big fan of JBiebs...I don't mind the JoBros, or Miley Cyrus (some of their music, not them, btw), but something about Beiber just bothers me...possibly his hair...or the fact that he is a sixteen year old who sounds like a four year old girl... or maybe, just maybe... the fact that he told me fourty ish times that he's gonna tell me ONE time... -.-
He needs to learn to count!!

And Secondly I was watching an Eclipse video that redid Baby to fit the plot of the movie:

I think I've mentioned this before. But I like Edward book wise, and Jacob movie wise... I still want her to get with Edward, I just mean I want Taylor Lautner (she says dreamily). :D Just the way he seems to get hotter ever movie... I think it should be illegal to be that hot! :)
Edward: Do I dazzle you?
Me: Yes...oh wait, sorry, I was picturing Jacob. * sigh * whoopsie.

Another Twilight video was to a song from this movie:

HG: Way Back into love, take one.
DB: Uh, I'm getting really nervous.
HG: You'll be fine, just use your nice voice, that I've heard so much of over the past three days.
DB: My throats closing up, it's like anaphilatic. * cough *
HG: It's fine, it's just a three minute song.

If you can guess where that's from you get a prize :)


I officially love officially I mean I've loved her forever, and I just felt like an awkward transition.
Sexii Transition * dazzle *
Shout out to Michael Buckley; I <3 you hehe you make my day.

Back to Ellen...and yes, her name is italicized because I love her ^^
But yeah...gosh I have ADD or something...and major procrastination haha I'm supposed to be doing a Drama Report right now, good job to me hehe..I'm doing this, watching youtube videos, and listening to my sisters talking about something, and on facebook talking about JBeibes.... I'm soo cool.
Ellen! Geeze, I keep getting off topic, RAWR!! There was this six year old break dancing kid on there, I don't know when, but sometime this week, and he is AWESOME. I was like whoa :O when I saw it. He actually looks like the video has been sped up, but it hasn't :O Creepy, but he's epic hehe and everyone should go and watch it
Twitch came on and started dancing with him, cuz he's this kids hero. I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Twitch, if he had of won I would have thrown a bigger casket than I already was that Chelsie didn't win... but I got very amused that a SYTYCD person was on the show...because I love them ^^

But yeah, I'm getting tired, so I think I shall end my ramblings now, as I start watching Veronica and Logan videos, and want to talk about them.
Principal: Logan, a word please.
Logan: Anthropomorphic, all yours big guy.

Hehehe ^^

So good bye for now :D <3

You know you love me,I know you care
Just shout whenever, And I'll be there
You want my love, You want my heart
...And we will never ever ever be apart
Baby, baby, baby ohhh
Like baby, baby, baby noo
Like baby, baby, baby ohh
I thought youd always be mine mine

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quick Bloggy

Tonight I have to write a lovely paper for English class on Huck Finn.
I needed to work on this before but instead I filmed bits for my Project for Awesome video (the Harry Potter Alliance) and thus I will be up late/up early to do this lovely paper. However I do not want to miss another blog.

As far as the gift exchange because Rachel expressed concerns about a fast approaching deadline on this maybe we could have the deadline be the end of the year. This might give everyone a little more breathing room (I know I might need that as well) Yay or nay?

Pretty much, my life is school, P4A (so excited!!) and work, gahh so much is going on and I haven't even had time to do Christmas shopping!

Oooh! One more exciting thing I'm going to go to the Yule Ball in Boston held by Harry and the Potters (hopefully *fingers crossed*) So that is my thing to look forward to for now.

On the note of house I give you:
Hufflepuff Pride!!

And House Song is one of my favorites from Magic is Might too, I also love Don't Leave, it's so catchy!

Okay spastic blog has come to an end and thus I must continue to work on my paper. *sigh*


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A story about a Bad Bad Blogger

So one sunday bad blogger decided to create a theme week. this theme week was supposed to be filled with lots and lots of confessions that meant something. Bad Blogger had even thought of a list in her head of what her confessions would be. Her post was due on monday. However, Monday after school Bad Blogger took a nap. Then Bad Blogger hung around a while. It was only then that Bad Blogger realized she had an early final to study for. Uh Oh. Bad Blogger then began studying. After that, she ate dinner. Then she went to yet another choir concert. Her brother had driven quite a distance to see it, and she was elated to see him. After the concert, they all ate a late dinner and Bad Blogger stayed up late chillin' with Big Brother. As you can see, monday came and went. Bad Blogger expects a punishment to be coming soon.

Bad Blogger is extremely apologetic for yet another mistake. She would like to open the floor for ideas on punishments, because she believes that she is not alone in her Badness, and would like to share something. Perhaps we could have a collaboration. That would be so exciting.  She announces that there is a new theme week plan. Not next week. Or the week after. Or the week after that. But the week of January 10thish is going to be confessions week. (You know, like new year's resolutions. but not.) Bad blogger would also like to suggest that someone create a resolutions theme week that is not about losing holiday weight. Maybe whoever posts on January 1st could do that. If they're awake and all after a late late night. Who else is on break? Not Bad Blogger. It's a little sad really, she is beginning to need it. Anyway, she thinks that this whole third person thing is really gross, and resolves NEVER to speak like this in real life, or to ever give herself names again. Until next week, Bad Blogger.

OOOH! A POST SCRIPT: Somebody please explain this exchange to me. Am I mailing a creation by next monday? UH OH

A bunch of things on a Tuesday.

I find it funny that the week after Ellen said: Yay! Everyone blogged this week... this week's Monday is missing, XD... IS THIS PUNISHMENT TIME? *evil maniacal glint in eye*

I think Emily's idea is cool. We should go through with it *nodnod* and it would be cool if we did it next week, so it'd kinda be like a Christmas-y thing? If there are no nay-sayers, we should post our exchanges next week, yes?

As of today, I'm officially on Christmas break. THANK GOODNESS. These past few weeks of school have probably been the most painful and excruciating I have ever faced D: My poor grades reflect my agony!

Is anyone planning on making a video for Project for Awesome? I've chosen a charity (Amnesty International) but I have no idea what to say about it. *scratches head* Help?

Also, I've been obsessed with the three music videos the Ministry of Magic has put up on youtube. The House Song has been stuck in my head all week. ALL WEEK. (I'm a Ravenclaw myself, btw. I don't think we ever asked each other what house we were in during that HP week- so WHAT HOUSES ARE YOU IN? [/random.])

Despite being on break, I actually have a lot of things to do (all Christmas related, haha!) So I can't blog for long.


Thursday, December 9, 2010


ok so the most horrible thing happened
over the last ..well since monday
it pretty much did not stop snowing for 3 days
and my city shut the fuck down
i couldnt go outside
and even my university closed
i missed all of the last classes before my exams so i dont know what's going on and im upset about it

so on sunday it started snowing
at about one in the after noon
and we barely made it home from church
and we couldnt go kill our tree

and on monday it was all white and it was still snowing
as in it had not stopped
and did not stop
took me twice the normal time to get to school
and when i got to school
only like half the normal amount of people were there
and then after the class......
the school was closed

and the next day the school was closed
because ..once again
it had not stopped snowing
ok it stopped snowing a couple times for like a super short about of time
but no i did not stop
every time i looked out the window it was snowing..
or i couldnt see outside

i live in the second storey of my house and there was so much snow
half my window is still covered up
and it's insane
and i hate living in canada

and the before tueday was even over they announced that my university would be closed on wednesday
and when i woke up on wed. it was no longer snowing
it was sunny
it was bright and sunny
and i was pissed

i live in canada
yes we had a metre of snow
but my mayor wanted to call a state of emergency
and my buses were closed for almost 2 days
and i live in canada
so this is ridiculous

so yesterday
it was great
but then it wasnt
and then it was again
it wasnt snowing
then it was
then it wasnt again
and i wnet outside
and i was happy
then i was wet

the snow in my backyard went up to my thighs
and it was amazing
and i lvoed it

it changes my mind
i love it
on sunday i loved it so much
and tuesday and wednesday i hated it

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Idea Time

So as the title of this blog post might suggest, I'm having an idea. It's still a baby idea but I like the look of this baby idea, it looks like it can grow up into a handsome adult idea, if I give it some time, love and care.
So here is that idea.
Rachel, I was watching the videos that you linked us to and from that came the birth of the lovely baby idea. Which I am winding down to the point of this idea which is a creation exchange between us bloggers here. I don't know if you guys would be up for this, but I think it would be fun. I have randomly, with no sense at all, paired us up. Here we go!


So if you guys are on board for this, we can each create things for this little baby project. They can be physical projects or ones that only exist here on the internets. So let me know if this is something that sounds cool, or if I should adopt out this baby to someone else. (I hope that this doesn't qualify for the EBO :/ that'd be scary)

Alright I think I need to sleep because I haven't been doing that nearly enough this week. Hope everyone has an interesting week. (Side note, ever have your fingers type something before you decided to say that? Yeah, I don't know what I meant to put but interesting just came out, my brain was still trying to figure out what to say, but it works, so it stays) DFTBA


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another Tuesday...


I'm quickly mass-replying to everyone's post here because... I can.
Emily, that journal thing sounds like a cool idea. Good luck!
Maggie, I don't think you're being punished... yet? Unless you missed three posts already? I don't think anyone is keeping track. And that old man is...strange.
Ellen, congratulations on completing your NaNoWriMo goal! *showers and applause*
Rachel, if you did do that - what would you send off to people?

I think the confessions idea is interesting, and it would give people ideas for punishments >D For example, I now know Ellen is fixing to get a microphone so if she ever gets three strikes, then we could force her to record something embarrassing >D (Or something like that. I don't meant to pick on you, it was the first example I saw/thought of.)

Speaking of punishments, I think we need to set up some sort of system to keep track of strikes. Like... can we add some sort of box/module on the layout or something? If nobody else knows how to to that, I'm willing to try.

And lastly, has anyone seen the latest vlogbrothers video? Because... I'm totally in it >D Try and find meeee!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Time to blog on monday!

This week, for the first time in a long time, I have time to blog! Woot.
So in my unusually unstructured time, i have discovered several new things. One is This, something i would love to try out on a very local scale. and another is very similar, but more like the guy and not the idea.
Another is, which is interesting if you think about harry potter and possibly draw a diagram.
I also ripped a few pages out of books (the ones in the back with the silly previews of next books, or the last pages of really really bad books), cut them up, made a tree with falling words, and glued it using glue and water, which worked a lot better in elementary school. It turned out wrinkly, but interesting.
I learned how to make an oragami rabbit, and walked my dog. this has been my most productive day in a long time.

It's weird, but actually having time to think is not helping me write a longer blog. I believe i might have a mental block when it comes to writing blog posts.

One week we should have a random confessions week. I know I already did this, but it wasn't very well thought out (at all), and we could have like the largest 15 confessions.
Also. There's been mentions of punishments. IDEAS! Leave them in comments. go.

So now i'm realising that even though this afternoon has been great, i actually have things to do. like homework, and chores.
Happy monday!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Northern Hospitality

so i missed last week
could someone email me if im getting punished?
cuz yeah..
ti's going to happen again

my life is busy..
just as busy as yours..
so umm punish me or deal

i have started watching grey's anatomy
and i have never almost cried or cried this much
at all
i feel completely and entirely envolved in these people's lives
and it's just so sad

also today
i went to help people at this hot dinner thing
and this one guy had been there before..
well he wasnt the only guy who'd been there before
but i talked to him

and the last time he was here he told me about how he just comes cuz he doesnt want to cook
yes this bothered me
yeah.. that's it

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Wednesday, After a Tuesday.....

is special compared to all those other Wednesdays that don't come after Tuesdays.
(Emily is a spaz today)

First off I want to thank you guys for all your kind words about my post!
(clicky the gif for full effect!)
Sandy I really like what you wrote about how the lines can blur between the things. I hadn't really thought about that but that is a really good point. I hope things work out well for you at whatever college you end up going to!

So, it is December 1st, and I feel like this a beginning. I suppose it is in some ways, a new month, a new holiday season and such, but it is also an end. The end of fall and the end of the year of 2010 (any one else having trouble picturing 2011? It doesn't seem real to me, and its only a month away!)

I'm very excited for December for a couple of reasons, one is that I turn 17 on December 14th and I think it will be the first birthday in awhile where I will get some fun gifts. Don't get me wrong, I love and am grateful for useful gifts, but getting long underwear and backpacks for my trip to Madagascar wasn't easy to get really excited about. 

I'm also excited about December because of more Harry Potter Alliance stuff. This month's horcrux is the Dementor Horcrux. This month will be all about trying to conjure our own patronuses in the face of hard times and stress and such. This is something I think every body needs help with from time to time, and myself is certainly included in that. I'm excited to see what this month brings and hope to see lots of hope in the things I see in December, despite that it is the darkest time of year.

During the Livestream a bunch of people talked about how they used to keep journals everyday. I want to try to do that. I've never been able to keep a journal longer than a week in my life, but for the month of December I'm going to try to write a page in my journal each morning. I'll let you know how that challenge goes.

Now I'm off to (post this on time for once *sheepish grin*) and to write the first entry in my journal! Have a good week, girls!