Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday Came Late This Week...

... that's what Santa Claus told me!

*sigh* This week has been a hectic one. I spent the weekend in Gloucester with my work on a retreat. It was a lot of fun meeting the people I'll be working with later. We also had an awesome campfire. One of the things I love about my job is that as much a job as it is a youth development program. What that means is we do a lot of workshops on both social issues and I guess you could call it self-discovery or bonding. We had one of those exercises the second night we were there. We had a camp fire and did this exercise where we had to speak for five minutes. The prompt was "If you knew this about me you would better understand who I am" everyone shared really moving stories and it was a very powerful exercise. This is why I absolutely love my job. Every single teenager who is in it after the first year or so is there because of these moments or the people and not about getting paid (although that doesn't hurt ;P)

Other than that I just want to say hello to Ellen *gives big wave* It's awesome that you have joined our team and are from another part of the world. I look forward to reading your posts!

Have an awesome week everyone!
     --This has been your regularly scheduled Wednesday (on a Thursday)--


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Car Accident

Yesterday, there was a car crash at my school.
A young boy died.
His mom with him.
His sister is in intensive care.

When I first heard the news, I was overcome with shock that someone died. I mean, I knew that people were idiots in the parking lot. They fooled around, they raced, they disregarded the speed limit. But for someone to die? It was unfathomable. For a while, I couldn't believe it.

I began thinking about the people that they left behind. That his sister, if she is released from the hospital, will forever have scars from the accident. Mental and physical. And when those thoughts got into my head, I began to cry.

I think that it is hard for people to emphasize with things irrelevant to their daily lives. It is rare that I ever find someone who can truly cry for another. I heard this news from my biology teacher. She did not know the kid, but when she told us this story she was on the verge of tears. I think the combination of hearing about his sister and seeing a teacher cry was what drove me on edge too.

Today when I logged on facebook, there were several groups formed saying RIP _____.

Of course, this brought up a lot of hypocrisy and cynicism. People began commenting on how those who weren't directly related to this boy had no right to mourn.

I do think the facebook groups were unnecessary. I don't think there is value in something that comes to you at a click of a button. Sometimes I feel facebook groups are shortcuts, that they cheat you out of reality. Since you can't really go out there and be a part of the world, you just click "join" and substitute actually living things out.

But to the people who were bashing these groups: I don't think they have a right to look down upon those who choose to empathize. It takes a different kind of understanding for a person to feel actual sadness for another person's distress. Perhaps they showed it in a poor way (maybe because kids these days don't know anything beyond their facebook walls,) but it doesn't make their feelings any less genuine.

-PS, I'm sorry to write such a depressing post today. This was just on my mind all day, and I didn't feel that anyone would listen to me if I spoke out, but I couldn't just keep it inside.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Thrift shops.

            So in addition to blogday, Monday is also thriftshopjobday. Meaning that I volunteer for a couple hours at this thrift store downtown. People bring in the weirdest stuff. Today, we received an entire bag of bras in the same size, all of them unused. I've seen dog mussels, an entire set of sewing books made in the seventies, paper bags, lingerie that I swear was made in the twenties and....a breast pump. I love just chillin in the back and pricing stuff like that. What do you charge for a pair of dinosaur socks? I don't know either. Those things are priceless. The ladies I work with are super awesome too. They're mostly retired, and they've all worked there for like ten years. We listen to light rock radio stations and gossip about random stuff.
          Then there's the people who go into the shop. A guy came in and needed a shirt. He lost his...? There's some people who come in and shop for like three hours once a week. There's people who try and barter down prices. It's a thrift shop. The proceeds go to charity. Come on. That's like trying to steal candy from babies. Not nice. There's small children who break things. People buy wedding dresses, underwear, self-help books, bibles, and way too many ugly sweaters. It's a nice place to work. My goal is to one day find somewhere like that and get paid. Not that I don't mind volunteering, just that I could afford to buy everything I saw that I liked a little more if there was monetary compensation for it.

So I think that's it. Sorry for the short post. I have a lot of work to do this week.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

watching ryan reynolds :)

K, so this is really quick because last weeks was soo long (took me two hours, legitt)... And I forgot about it. I'm sorry we had a huge football game today (LondonCentral forthewin!!) yeah, we won 26-18 :D
I'm not that big of a football fan, but its kind of exciting. Plus I basically get to stand there and watch the hot guys who aren't playing... Which is always fun ^^ and I get to dress crazy on a day that's not Halloween, and not get made fun of. :)

So yeah, quick comment on my favourite shows:
Gossip Girl: Ahh, Blair what is wrong with you?! You clearly love Chuck, and you found out he was gonna propose! What's up? Did you labotomy backfire?!
And no more Dan and Vanessa? Whyyy?!
And did anyone else notice that Dan and Nate were totally wearing the same thing? I am totally all for Nate/Dan, have been since 2nd season, anyone with me? [by everyone I mean: is anyone really reading this crap?]
OTH: Mia and Chase get back together!!!!!! Same with Millie and Mouth!
And if they kill Clay I will cry... And not tears of joy! :'(
Glee: Fail... Nothing really happened? I'm so confused by the nothing ness that was that episode...
Except empire state of mind.. That was kinda awesome, plus Puck looked exceptionally hott ^^
I can not wait for the Britney/ Brittany episode!! :)

There was something else... Crap I forgot. RAWR.

Anywho... Hopefully I remember later.
And I'm sorry this is rushed, and I forgot, my bad... :(

OH YEAH!! I remember!!

Did anyone see the new Harry Potter trailer?!?!
Its not much different than the first trailer, but still exciting cuz its HP :D
Ron and Hermione :) <3
But really I only like them cuz Ron's awesome [Rupert Grint^^]
Though seriously I loved them in the books... And Harry/Ginny :) I was upset at the fail that was the last movie with the two of them :( not good enough! Laughoutloud.
Anyways... More next week!
Love ya'll :) <3

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Wednesday!

So today has been a rather successful day, for about a year my friend and I have been working to start up a creative writing club and at last today we had our first meeting!

It was very successful and there are a bunch of people (all but one are girls) interested. So I have thrown myself into creating a website and trying to get that started up.
In other news, I have realized that my friends and I are insane as proven at this first meeting where we had an epic debate of Zombies V. Unicorns (unicorns won, but I'm team ZOMBIE) and just generally acted too crazy. It was a lot of fun.

Unfortunetly because I am tired this is going to be a short blog... so here are some pictures!

A cat...

A llama...

and this guinea pig wearing a santa hat!

...Make of this what you will...

This has been your weekly Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today is Open House at school, so my mom will sure to come back to tell me which of teachers looked younger than her, older than her, fatter than her, or uglier than her. It's a tradition.

I don't know how many of you are Nationeers, but basically there's this cool youtuber guy named Kaleb Nation (aka the Twilight Guy) who is also an author! His new book, Bran Hambric: The Specter Key (sequel to BH: The Farfield Curse), is coming out on 10/10/10 and he really wants to get it on the bestsellers list. To do this, BH:TSK needs to get as many preorders as possible!

So if you're interested in books about magic, adventure, and orphans - go check it out!

I don't really have much else to add except that GLEE is on tonight >D

Monday, September 20, 2010

Are You Just a Muse for my Musings?

             So last night I dreamed that the cellist who sits next to me in orchestra had like a billion identical twins. He doesn't talk much, so in real life, this would make sitting in a room with all of them extremely awkward. I just thought you should know that. I wonder what the kids taking psych would say about that...Maybe I've been eating too many turnips. (I hate turnips).
            So I just stopped writing that and spent about five minutes on a crappy dream dictionary. I still have no idea what type of dream that was. But it did totally ruin inception for me. All it was was one big, mutual, lucid dream. With Leo DiCaprio and Ellen Page. So a big, really cool mutual lucid dream.
And apparently dreams with acquaintances in them are parts of yourself you don't know well yet. Well. I guess I'm trying to get to know the quiet side of me. Hmm. And triplets means that I need to explore the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of myself. Sounds exciting.

Oh.... my title.
          No. I'm not having boy problems. I was thinking about the readers of this blog. I know there's us four  (we miss you already Anna!), but is there a fifth or sixth or maybe even a seventh? I'm really hoping for answers here guys. If you read this and do not actually post on the blog once a week, please make my day and leave a comment. I like to think that I'm writing to at least one person. Maybe two. Three is probably getting my hopes a little too high. Anyway, that's it for now. Have a lovely week.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sorry :(

I'm really sorry guys, but I'm quitting the blog. I'm really buisy now that school and dance have started, and my heart isn't in it anymore. Maybe I can be a summer special guest or whatever, but for now, I'm going to have to quit. Again, I'm really really sorry...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's NOT Wednesday

As you may have noticed today is not Wednesday, today is, in fact Thursday. I have in the third week of this project managed to completely forget to post. I was just about to go to bed tonight and I'm like, oh yeah, today's Thursday... Thursday? Crap, yesterday was Wednesday! *facepalm*

I don't know if this blog will be terribly interesting but here it is in its late glory. 

My story of the day is on positive pranking. So about a day or two before Amy Cross Rosenthal's blog on positive pranking and John's subsequent video my friend and I had the idea to put sticky notes on everyone's locker in our school with nice things on them like: Don't forget your sheer awesomeness or You are a completely amazing person, never forget that! things like that. Needless to say I completely spazzed out over the idea of positive pranking in Nerdfigtheria. We are both really excited about this project and are going to talk to the school administration on Monday about it.

It's code name is SPIT (Secret Post IT) and so if you think I'm getting overly excited over saliva, this might be why ;) 

anybody else up to any positive pranking?

Happy Wednesday-On-A-Thursday-That's-Nearly-A-Friday!!!



It’s THURSDAY :D… that’s my day!! (laughoutloud, I just wrote name and then erased it… apparently I got a name change :S :P)
Me and Joesph Birdsong both have THURSDAYS… excited? ME TOO :D (He’s from 5AwesomeGays… on youtube, if you didn’t know. Ps) My sister, the awesome one, thinks that Tyler’s better, and she watches Joe with me cuz he and Steven are so cute together… but I like Joe. ^^
Soooooo… anyways…. Have you guys seen The New Guy? AKA the best movie ever?
I love this movie with a passion… its pretty awesometastic. :D I love Gil Harris, I want him ;)
And I love Simple Plan… yeah, that’s how I found out about the movie, my sister, the awesome one, loves Simple Plan, so she was watching their music video “I’m just a kid” (awesome song btw) and saw the name and then we watched the movie at our friend’s house… and BAM… I fell inlove hehe.
Yeah I’m watching it right now, that’s why… DON’T JUDGE ME, RAWR!!
…wow, that sounded violent… I’m sorry :(
I want the soundtrack, it’s so awesome… Simple Plan, Green Day, Bowling For Soup… can’t get much better than that  Well yeah… but close enough, SHHHH!! :P

So… anyways… Did anyone see the new OneTreeHill, or VampireDiaries, or GossipGirl?
Really? ME TOO :D


Ok, VD first: AHHH I feel bad for/ HATE Damon Salvatore. I LOVED him… but now I’m so mad at him. He attempted to kill my favourite character… I love Jeremy, and Damon is a butt for getting mad that no one loves him and taking it out on Jeremy :(
Though on the other hand I feel REALLY bad for him… what’s so special about Stefan (other than everything?) Not meaning I don’t LOVE Stefan… I’m so Elena/Stefan… but I’m also Elena/ Damon… I like both of them :S
But like yeah, why doesn’t Damon get anybody :( I think he should be with Bonnie or Jeremy ^^ :P
Oh, and I really hope Caroline doesn’t die, cuz I’ll cry, I love her and Matt almost as much as I loved Jeremy and Anna (who I wish they some how managed to bring back), but she had the Vampire blood in her when Katherine killed her, right? So it only makes sense…

Ok, OTH… Well… Ahhhhh. I’m so upset about Clay/Quinn… not their coupling of course, I love them, they’re so much better than Lucas/ Peyton… that’s probably because I hate Peyton.
Except when she was with Jake… I’m all for Jake/Peyton. And Brooke/Lucas… but really, secretly I like Nathan/Brooke so much better, even better than Nathan/Haley, and I love them cuz they’re cute ^^ woot woot for them having another kid. Haha they did a lovely job with Jamie and the sex talk. *Sarcasm*
I was legit closing my eyes when he and Chuck were looking up that stuff up on the computer… I feel bad for their poor little eyes… that’s probably the last things they expected to see… that’s what you get when you take the parental lock off your computer kids!!
Wait… no. That’s what happens when you give your 8 year old a cellphone and computer!! Good job guys…
I never had any of that stuff until like… three years ago laughoutloud. JamieLucasScott is sooo spoiled, I wish I was their kid :)

Wow offtopic… what was I saying? Oh… nothing, it was basically the same thing… except *I <3 Brathan :)*

Don’t know why I kept that there ^? :S Laughoutloud.

MyOhGod… I never really thought Brooke would be arrested!! In the preview I thought it was like a Bachlorette thing… I HATE her mom, she’s such a Ho. She badddddd for lying, and MILLIE… what the heck was she thinking letting Vichorria do that?! I’ve been so mad at Millie since she started doing drugs. Especially when she and Mouth broke up… they’re still broke up, right? Is he still with Miss. Lauren? What happened to Skills? Didn’t he move away or something? Man, I forgot a bunch. :(

But I love Julian, he was so funny in this episode with the whole Grease2 thing… who else is a HUGE Grease2 fan like me and Julian?
My sister, the awesome one, thinks it’s better than the first one… I don’t agree… but it’s still awesome. Michael Carrington <3 I loooooove him.
I really hope they stay together, I hope they don’t get messed up like everyone else Brooke’s been with.
Speaking of people Brooke’s been with MOG CHASE!!
What is wrong with him… Mia wants him back… go back to her!! They were the CUTEST couple on the whole darn show!! I loved them.
Ps. Mia’s my favourite character. Kate Voegele forthewin :D I love her, like a girlcrush kinda way, I watch her on youtube and read her blog, but only own one of her albums :( I wish I had gotten it later, because then I’d have Forever and Almost Always… which is my favourite song by her… and like my second favourite song ever… but I was too impatient, and excited ^^
I may seem like I’m stalkerish… but that’s my love for her… can’t wait to see more of her on OTH… *cough* and see her and Chase back together, not him with that Ho, Alex *cough*, and to see her new album!!

Ok, GG rant’s gonna be short cuz this is a year long, plus there’s more below…
K, so… Georgina’s a Ho, duh, but Dan should be with Vanessa!!
Serena being same old same old Serena…
What was happening in Nate’s *manslut* room at the end? I’m confused/ don’t remember…
But yeah, he did basically nothing all episode, why was he there again? He might as well have been in Paris making out with Serena… would have made the episode better for the two of them.
Blair was being the same old Blair-has-to-be-jealous-of-Serena-all-the-freakin-time… she totally should have been smarter than that and realized that it was clearly a trick between the prince and the cardriver… even my sister, the awesome one, realized that… and they call her Dilemma (Delayed Emma).
…she really needs to get back together with Chuck. I wanted to die when she said that her whole body hurts. :(
And then the stupid idiot Chuck Bass was a retard pretending to be someone else and going out with Fleur from Harry Potter… really?
*Ooh, I’m Chuck Bass, my girlfriend hates me, I got shot, I’m gonna pretend to be someone else, I’m a big fat loser*
Violent. I know. Sorry :} I love them.

Wow, I love way too many characters :| Eeek. Just wait Til AsTheWorldTurns ends!!

MOG… Ok, I wasn’t gonna include this cuz this is becoming like a novel… But I NEED to add this!!

Ok, LukeandNoah lovers? Anyone out there?
MOG… anyone see the episode today? Ahhh… Last JakeSilbermann scene EVER!! I’m gonna miss him sooo much. Tomorrow’s gonna be crap without LukeandNoah… they already killed off Reid, what else is there to live for?!
…oh yeah LUKE SNYDER :D
But anyways… LukeandNoah yumminess today!! I loved it… Noah was so cute; I used to hate him for a while there when he was being bitchy. But I loved how he wanted to stay just for Luke… I really hope in the future they get married ^^
And that kiss… did not expect that, I figured he’d be backing off from Luke cuz he knew he loved Reid, but I’m glad he did it too, I would have been mad in the near future thinking back on it and thinking about how they didn’t have one last kiss. Especially if they intend to keep their Supercouple status… with they will cuz they’re awesome and meanttobe.
Though to be truthful, I did like Ruke for a while there, but I’m still a Nuke fan through and through… especially if Reid’s dead and there’s no chance of him coming back… >.>
But of course it’s a soap, and that could have just been a trick and really that was his twin brother Beid pretending to be him, and really Reid went to the hospital and was yelling at those other doctors this whole time…? Hmmm? Reva on Guiding Light came back from cancer, falling off a cliff, and many other things… ^.-

Yeah, so that’s about it this week… sorry it’s so long… hopefully it’s worth it, and it’s actually good :) If not… oops, sorry.

Oh PS about VD/ DamonSalvatore… I’m still mad at him about Lexi (I’m watching a music video and saw her, and I thought of this). Lexi was in ONE episode and she’s my FAVOURITE character (sorry, violent again, laughoutloud, but I wanted to emphasize my girlcrush on her). I love her and Stefan’s relationship, and I love her actress, and I love the character as a whole. If I could be anyone in the world, it would so be her :) (minus the dying part). So another reason for my new found hatred for DamonSalvatore… he kills/ attempts to kill all my favourite characters :( Not including himself… though he probably has done that too before the show…

And PPS. I totally love the Salvatore house… AKA Glenridge Hall.. yeah I love it just as much as I love Lexi… I looked it up, and I know A LOT about it… as in I want it!! If it was in Canada and I had lots of money… oh man. It’s officially my new favourite place ever… does it not look like an awesome house? I drool watching the show… I’m drooling now typing this haha.

And PPSS. To anyone who feels differently/ offended… I’m sorry :( You can have a lovely argument about it with me, I love those ^^ :)

PPPSS. Did you know the whale that played Free Willy, his name was Keiko (Spelling?)… Yeah he died apparently in 2003, 26 years old… I’m just heard about this legit right now… they released him into the wild, and he died cuz he couldn’t find him family. NO FREAKIN DUH… he’s been living in captivity all his life… how the hell is he supposed to know what to do?
Ugggh that’s angering… I love that movie :( And that whale :( RIP.

…Yeah that’s it for today :P :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The thing about college is that the more you talk about it, the more hopeless it seems. When people ask me about college, I give the same, boring, default answers because I don't know what to do with my life.

I don't mean getting in. I'm not the least bit worried about getting into college. I know that I'll be accepted somewhere. The stressful part comes with trying to make the "right" choices. There seems to be no college that simultaneously is
a) a college I like
b) a college my parents like
c) a college that does not devour life savings $$$

There are plenty of colleges I like, plenty my parents like, and plenty that are cheap... but not all three. College stops becoming a decision of what I want to do and starts becoming a decision of what should I do. Whether or not I should selfishly pursue an expensive college faraway or go to the local college and leave money for my brother's college fund. Whether or not to base a judgment on preference of rationality. Feeling or reason.

I know that there are scholarships, grants, etc. So many alternatives to making dreams come true and what not! No matter what I choose, I will be unhappy in some way... so I might as well pick whatever makes me the least unhappy. Right?

My indecisiveness says NO. You are only allowed to STRESS OUT over what you should do until you CRY like a baby.

I know that even now a lot of college kids look back on their choices and wonder if they made the right decision. One of my friends has changed her major about four times already. Practicality tells me to play it safe by majoring in business, but just because it's a safe choice doesn't mean I'll be satisfied with it for the rest of my life. My mom would be delighted to know I'm following her footsteps, but I never intended to follow after anyone.

I just want to be me in me, trying to piece together my life in a way that works. So, no. I probably won't stop stressing out. Ever. Ten years down the road I'll be wondering if I did the right thing. But... instead of just staring at the road blocks, I'm going to punch them aside. I have only ever believed that I had to fight my way through life anyway, so fight I shall!

PS. I've been meaning to comment on everyone's posts, but I got lazy last week >_O I'll try to play catch up this week!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday: Again??

So I completely forgot it was blogday till about ten minutes ago. I was doing dishes and thinking about homework when all of a sudden I realized that there was a blog waiting to be written. So I actually have something to write about today. Sort of.
               Music-two parts. Listening and playing.
I know. Everybody does it. But I'm a freak about it, and I thought that if anyone ever reads this, they should know. I'm sort of a snob about it too. I don't like Justin Beiber or the Black Eyed Peas, and I have major problems with Linkin Park. But I will listen to almost anything else, and I like a lot. Some of my favorites are Bright Eyes, Los Campesinos!, the Arctic Monkeys, The Hush Sound, and Noah and the Whale. If anyone has any suggestions (or if anyone reads this), leave a comment.
              Part TWO!
So I sing. Like opera and choir. It's lots of fun, but a lot of people don't really get how amazing I find it. When you hit those high notes there's this endorphin rush that I can't find anywhere else. I also love how challenging it is to learn a new piece, or to attempt something on the piano (I can't actually play). I think music in general is just important. I don't know if I'd want to do it for the rest of my life, but it's pretty great right now. Anyway, I have Algebra to Attend to. See ya'll next week.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Sorry guys... my blog post is going to be a day late... I'm way too tired right now to make an interesting post of decent length...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Last Thursday of Freedom

I'm sitting here at my friend's house and we are chatting away and out of no where (well really it was a discussion about the vlogbrothers/ nerdfightaria) I remember that I have not completed the blog.
I'm sorry.
So I don't even know what I want to talk about.
More about me?
I went on myspace this week. For the longest time I couldn't remember the password so I just went in and asked them to reset my password. So I'm pretty happy about that. I am one of those people that still likes myspace. I was a late joiner so I never got the full effect and am still clinging to the hope that it will come back. I like myspace. What's better than free music. Well i guess you can get that on youtube but it takes more time because you have to find a video that I like and stuff. Plus I get another blog there. So now I can stop talking about like pop culture on my livejournal blog and talk about it back on my myspace blog. Yeah.. I separate what I talk about on blogs... im a weird NO I'm a NERD :P
I start my first day on University on Monday OMG.
I am super.. i don't know what. I seriously have no idea what my feelings are. Excited? Nervous? Ready? I don't know!!
I'm going into English (can you tell?.. i am so not a grammar nazi) and I have a whole bunch of elective courses which I think will be really cool. I'm still living at home so no real big change there. But still it's a new step.

Shameless self promotion? Do we have a problem with that? I don't remember anything being said about it..if so leave a comment.
LJ: magi143emmykat magi's merlin
youtube: emmy143magi OR magi134ema(which i dont update anymore but use for favourites and stuff) OR my collab vlog: ClearlyMagical (with my 2 bestfriends and our names are changed...but we are taking a time off until sept 21)
myspace: magi134ema (i think)

so i think ill leave it at that.. not very long but I figure i should have this up before it gets to late.
LOVE .. remember to share it cuz it's not yours to keep.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rachel's Challenge

Why is it that when I get a ridiculously small amount of sleep (3 hrs) I have better days? Yes, I'm expecting you to have the answer... well, no, I'm not, but merg.

Anyway, today was interesting because I was running on three hours sleep and still managed to have a functioning day. (I only had problems in Math where I actually could have fallen asleep!)

So part of the strange experience of today is that we had an assembly where we had a presentation on Rachel Scott, who was the first person to be killed in the shootings at Columbine in 1999. The idea of it is that Rachel had a code of ethics which included looking for the best in people and that an act of kindness can start a chain reaction. 

Just take a moment and think about how old you were when those shootings happened. I was five years old. That totally blows my mind in its own right. I know people die every day but to be reminded that 13 people lost their lives on that day when I was just starting out in my own life, it reminds me of how fragile life is and how precious.

I don't think I can capture what it felt like in that auditorium. We weren't petty high school students anymore. There were no decepticons, there were just teenagers moved by a girl's life. It was strange to feel that amount of respect in my high school. I wish I could freeze things there in that room, with that feeling, because there is so much of high school that is about turning everything into a joke and respect is such a nice change.

I don’t want this turn into some preachy blog, I’m just trying to capture that auditorium somehow, that respect we lose in the everyday of high school life. Any thoughts TBA-ers?

So girls, DFTBA because I think that’s an act of kindness that can help decrease WorldSuck everywhere.


Rachel and her brothers Mike and Craig

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Some quick "me" things!
- My copy of Clockwork Angel arrived! Hurrah!
- A week ago I entered a writing contest. They announced the winners four days ago, I among them. You can read my story here if you'd like :D


When I was a freshman, I was one of those kids who liked being contrary and thought that not following the crowd was cool. Now I am a senior about to head off to homecoming this Saturday (my 2nd time going), and now that I am so much older and wiser I feel like punching my freshman self in the face. Instead, I'm going to address this issue maturely by writing myself a letter.

Dear Annoying Freshman Sandy,
Just because you don't like homecoming it doesn't make you cooler than all the kids who want to go. It just makes you all alone homecoming dance night when you're stuck at home doing nothing. Homecoming doesn't have to be about loving your school. It can be about hanging out with the friends you love who go to your school. So, stop hiding at home and go do something with your life. Besides, tickets are only ten dollars. Are you really that cheap?
The Sandy that Knows Better

That said, anyone else planning on going to their homecoming dance if you have one at your school?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday: Stale bread and secrets

                So it's Monday again, which means another post from yours truly. So what to write about? Good question.
                 So let's start with the basics. For breakfast I had a stale bagel that refused to toast. It was a very naughty circle of bread. For lunch I had an improvised burrito with creamed corn. (there is absolutely nothing good in my fridge at the moment). I went swimming in a snow melt river. It made me feel brave and rather numb. I went swimming and got yet another sun burn. I rode in a car that smelled like wet dog for several hours. I read Postsecret. There we go. Something to talk about.
                 If you don't know postsecret, it's basically an ongoing art project where people from all over send in their secrets on the back of postcards every week to this man named Frank. He looks through them, finds the most interesting, and posts them on a blog every Sunday. It started out with Frank wandering around giving out postcards, but now Frank's had to hire interns and has speaking engagements throughout the year. It turns out that people really like sending a stranger their secrets. Maybe it's because Frank doesn't mind if they killed a dog, it wasn't his dog. Or maybe it's because it's just freeing to know that someone read your secret finally and it doesn't have to just be yours anymore. Personally, I like that explanation best. Secrets are better when there's more than one person who knows. It's like this play called everything I really needed to know I learned in kindergarten. There was a scene where someone said that secrets were like that game sardines. It's more fun when you're hiding with people. (Hiding games are fun in general either way, but metaphorically...yeah)
                Anyway, I hope this week was marginally better than last week. If it wasn't, leave your complaints in the comments.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Friday Before the Tuesday of My DOOM

Ello. I'm Anna. And I have no idea how to do this. Well, I guess I'll start by following Sandy's advice, and telling you guys five random facts about me;

Five Random Facts About Me

1. I am quite proud of the fact, at 5' 5", I am taller than my mother.
2. I'm teaching myself ukulele, which is quite hard considering the fact that I don't know how to
3. I can play Eleanor Rigby on the piano, another thing of which I am quite proud of.

4. My favorite companion is Rose Tyler (not interesting if you don't watch Doctor Who).

5. Tom Milsom is probably my favorite YouTuber of all time. (
Ok, now then that's done, I have a Big Story to tell you. But first, I'd like to ask you all a question (which you don't have to answer if you don't feel like it). When was the first time you laughed out loud reading a book, and when was the first time you cried while reading a book. The first time I laughed out loud was when I was reading John Green's story in Let It Snow, and the first time I cried was when I was reading this book called Amazing Grace, although I'm not sure exactly why. Anyway, on to my Big Story!!!

The Big Story

Firstly, to understand this Story, you have to know what Marquette is. Marquette (pronounced Market, for those who are interested) is a fairly big city that is about a two hour drive from my town, making it the closest big city to where I live. People go there to get braces, special shopping trips, etc. Moving on to the Story. So my dance teacher (I've been taking ballet since I three) called a couple days ago to tell me that I could go on pointe this year, thus needing pointe shoes. As this is a Big Moment in my dance career, I was/am very exited. But since I needed pointe shoes that were fitted very specifically to my feet, a trip to Marquette was in order. So yesterday, me, my mom, and my little brother got in our purple van and drove off into the sunrise. I'll skip over the trip and actually getting fitted with pointe shoes, since they involve a lot of sitting, my brother being annoying, and me repeatedly putting on shoes, standing up, sitting down, standing up again, going on my toes, etc. etc. So yeah, I now have a shiny new pair of pink satin shoes, which I love to death. Moving on with my Story, we also had to go clothes shopping for my freshman year of high school (more on that later). So we went to the mall and stuff, then we stopped at Target. I saw this fedora on a shelf (sorry I couldn't find a bigger image);
Naturally, I put it on and started dancing around while humming the tune to Smooth Criminal. Seeing my strange but awesome display of madness, my mom told me if I wore that hat all the way through the Target parking lot to our car, she would buy it for me. I am now the proud owner of a back fedora. Yay! So that's pretty much all the interesting parts of my trip to Marquette.
So, high school. As you may not know, I have been homeschooled all my life, until now. I have decided to give public school a try, and so next Tuesday, I will have my first day of public school ever! (Hence the title of this post.) I'm very exited, and pretty nervous too, but hopefully I'll be fine!
So that's all I wanted to say today, I hope I didn't bore you too much, and I'm looking forward to reading your posts in the weeks to come. Bye!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

These streets will make you feel brand new; Big lights will inspire you, let's here it for New York :)


Hehe Hi ^^ my name is Maggie. Cool fact: I have an awesome sister :)
So yeah, I kind of have a blog already... if livejournal counts? :S *shruggs* But I'm still newish, so don't judge me! RAWR.

Anywho, I'm too lazy to tell you about myself, so........... guess what I've been doing the last few days?

Hanging out in NYC :D

Well New Jersey for a bit first, but yesterday we (we being my famjam) went you the City for the first time, and we're about to in an hour or so again.
Yesterday we saw BROADWAY and a show. We went and saw American Idiot, and being a HUGE Green Day fan that made my entire day... but it didn't end there... I totally and completely love Michael Esper :D <3<3<3 (who plays Will). So of course when we got out of the theatre (theatre? Is that what they call it on broadway? :S or does it have a fancier name? Wow I feel a retarded moment coming on…) we see these people crowding outside the door and we’re like “hmm… no? It couldn’t be..? They wouldn’t, would they…?” and yes they did. We go over and right as we get into the crowd guess who walks out the door: Michael Esper and Stark Sands :O:O:O :D:D:D
So obviously we quickly get out or newly purchased American Idiot t-shirts and shove them in their faces and get their signatures :D YAYAYAYAY And to top it off— and to make my ENTIRE YEAR— we got pictures with both of them. I’m like a child at Christmas! And I LOVE Christmas!! Oh yeah, plus I figured out after reading the PlayBill more closely, and not in the dark, I found out that Stark was in Catch that Kid, which is slightly childish to get excited about… but I love that move ^^… Plus, that means he’s met/ talked to Max Theriot :O… who I love more than Michael (:O… that’s possible? Apparently).

We did other stuff, but they don’t compare to that… blahh

Uhhhhhhh, what did we do? Wellllll….. I got hyped up on sugar apparently, by the looks of this post? :S
We drove in from Jersey, so we haven’t been on the subway yet (:() but that’s ok, cuz we got to see all the stuff we were driving by . We ate at Shake Shack, yummmmyyy fries and MILKSHAKES. I had a super thick awesome black and white Milkshake. Then we went to buy the tickets (and got a deal ^^ we have awesome luck), and then went walking around, stopped in at American Eagle and my sister (the awesome one) got the most softest sweater EVER. It was so cool too cuz it had like a bunch of the big sites on it, so that was pretty sweet. And we got our picture on the billboard outside for 15 seconds… we’re cool, we know :) Then we hung out in time square for a bit, just chillin, takin pictures. And finally it was time for the show. Which was obviously amazing. And so loud, during Give Me Novocaine it legit scared me laughoutloud. Some of the songs bothered me, and I vote that Tony Vincent (St. Jimmy) should not have cut his hair, he’s so much hotter in the PlayBill laughoutloud. And a few more odds and ends bothered me… but they are outweighed by the awesomeness that was American Idiot. It also amused me that John Gallagher, JR. sounded like Billie Joe, and Stark Sands sang kinda like him… so if you smush them together, dye their hair black, mess up their teeth alittle, add some eyeliner… and BAM you have Billie Joe Armstrong… yes I am weird and think of random and boring stuff like that… DON’T JUDGE ME!! :(

I was gonna say/ ask something about Stark that I forgot now… Rawr… what was is it?? Like you would know… why am I asking you this?! …told you I was crazy… you know you love me.

OH YEAH… I remember now. (Why I left the last paragraph then I have NO IDEA… oh well :P)
But yeah… my mama/ sister (the one that’s equally awesome, but younger than the other awesome sister, so she’s awesome #2) were convinced that he has a fake leg? Apparently he had a full on stubb of a foot during one scene, if anyone’s seen the show and was actually paying attention to him during that part? (I don’t tend to stare at people’s feet… I actually MAJORLY dislike feet, like I would chop my own off if they weren’t so darn useful… so I wasn’t really watching his feet, more like his face… and probably Michael’s face at the time… ^^)
So if anyone knows the answer to whether I need to get him a nice talking parrot and an eye patch comment :) thanks… if they’re just crazy—which is highly possible, it’s happened before… well I feel like a douche. But that’s ok… I guess. Not really though, so…

After the show we went to Olive Garden, which my mom was very excited for, cuz we don’t have them in Canada :’( which sucks. But it was pretty yummy, and they were totally awesome to my sister (the awesome one) who has Celiac and so she has lots of trouble with bread, which was in one of the appetizers we ate. And we had a really yummy Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake (while sister awesome had boring old ice cream :P) Then we checked out some more shows and decided we might go see Billy Elliot later today (Jamie Bell ^^ sadly he’s not doing the show… just the movie :() Oh man now I wanna see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows… Julie Walters (Mrs. Weasly) is in the Billy Elliot movie, that’s how I got there. I could totally do a whole Harry Potter rant about how excited I am to see that movie (More than I am to see Breaking Dawn, boo BD... though I slightly want to see that too… ONLY for Jasper and Alice though!!) and now I could do a whole other rant about Twilight/ the movies… but I think I might have board you enough for one blog… so I might do it another Thursday. Maybe. I bet people are getting board of the Twilight/Harry Potter battle. (HP FTW… justsayin)

Sooooooooooooo…. I can’t really think of anything else to say right now. And we’re on our way to our hotel in NewYorkCity… cuz the one in NewJerseyCity kinda sucked, they weren’t very nice :(
I will talk to you all (you all probably being like one person… :( oh well) next week :)

xoxo Gossip Girl… oh man, remind me to talk about them too (Chuck Bass <3)
justkidding though…

xoxo Maggie :)<3

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's Wacky Wednesday!

Erm... blogging!
Hello, I'm Emily and I will be the Wednesday host! I am also brand new to blogging so it's good to know that I'm not the only one! :)

Now to introduce myself. Usually when I try and come up with something strange about myself I can just start babbling about Nerdfighters because at school that isn't a common species, but here that's what we all are (and I absolutely love it!) I think the thing I should pull out of my arsenal today is my liking to create things. I love to have projects going (finishing them.. psssh, who does that?) Example is today I was trying to clean up my room and a box with this Lego/Marble Maze thing fell over. That meant today I spent the day making a maze/race thing on my bed! 

That is some procrastination skills right there!

Interesting facts about Wednesday:
It's Woden's Day, Woden is a English heathen god and he might be the precusor to Santa Claus, so maybe I'm secretly Santa!

And I'll leave you with this:
The first image that popped up on Google when I searched for Wednesday. Yup, we here on Wednesday's are the wackiest! Hope you all are having a good week so far and remember that it's now more than half over! DFTBA!