Thursday, September 23, 2010

watching ryan reynolds :)

K, so this is really quick because last weeks was soo long (took me two hours, legitt)... And I forgot about it. I'm sorry we had a huge football game today (LondonCentral forthewin!!) yeah, we won 26-18 :D
I'm not that big of a football fan, but its kind of exciting. Plus I basically get to stand there and watch the hot guys who aren't playing... Which is always fun ^^ and I get to dress crazy on a day that's not Halloween, and not get made fun of. :)

So yeah, quick comment on my favourite shows:
Gossip Girl: Ahh, Blair what is wrong with you?! You clearly love Chuck, and you found out he was gonna propose! What's up? Did you labotomy backfire?!
And no more Dan and Vanessa? Whyyy?!
And did anyone else notice that Dan and Nate were totally wearing the same thing? I am totally all for Nate/Dan, have been since 2nd season, anyone with me? [by everyone I mean: is anyone really reading this crap?]
OTH: Mia and Chase get back together!!!!!! Same with Millie and Mouth!
And if they kill Clay I will cry... And not tears of joy! :'(
Glee: Fail... Nothing really happened? I'm so confused by the nothing ness that was that episode...
Except empire state of mind.. That was kinda awesome, plus Puck looked exceptionally hott ^^
I can not wait for the Britney/ Brittany episode!! :)

There was something else... Crap I forgot. RAWR.

Anywho... Hopefully I remember later.
And I'm sorry this is rushed, and I forgot, my bad... :(

OH YEAH!! I remember!!

Did anyone see the new Harry Potter trailer?!?!
Its not much different than the first trailer, but still exciting cuz its HP :D
Ron and Hermione :) <3
But really I only like them cuz Ron's awesome [Rupert Grint^^]
Though seriously I loved them in the books... And Harry/Ginny :) I was upset at the fail that was the last movie with the two of them :( not good enough! Laughoutloud.
Anyways... More next week!
Love ya'll :) <3


  1. Love the new trailer. So so much.

  2. I'm sooo looking forward to the movie...I was watching Social Network two weeks ago, and I saw it and it was EPIC on the big screen I can not wait for the actual movie!! :)