Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Me vs. Them

Hey guys! I hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend full of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping!

I feel like a lot of people have been late lately (har har), you know who you are! Be warned! More tardies will follow by an evil punishment devised by your fellow blog members' evil minds!

Emily, I'm glad you liked the video! (Btw, if you ever get around to reading any of Maggie's books, you must tell me so we can discuss >:D It'll be this blog's version of a book club, maybe?)

The most striking part of your post (to me) was this: I've taken it to the extreme, to the point where I don't know where "this is what I want" ends and "this is what I've been told I want" begins. - I feel like I can really relate to this right now.

Last week I JUST completed all of my college applications. It was the most relieving and stressful day of my life, and now I am left trembling every time I open my email to see if any acceptance letters come rolling along.

The sad thing is, all the colleges I applied for weren't any colleges that I wanted to go to.

It's not to say any of those colleges were bad. The reasons why I didn't want to go to them were because 1) everyone else was applying for those schools 2) these were schools I felt safe about applying to only because my mom approved of them.

So, basically, I chose schools based on the decisions/wants/expectations of other people on me. Part of my fear comes from the fact that my cousins who decided to go out of state... and my relatives gave them a lot of backlash for spending so much money - on an Arts school, no less.

I always dreamed about going to an out of school state, but ultimately I decided to stay in state, save money, and make my parents happier. I tell myself I can always transfer out later, but I don't think I will.

A small part of me says that it can't be helped. I try to convince myself that this is beneficial for everyone, like hey! At least I get to go to college. At least I won't be wasting as much money, so that my family can afford to send off my brother to college. At least I won't be spending hundreds of dollars on plane tickets to see family over the holiday.

But the truth is, yes - I am disappointed that I can't go to my magical dream college... but I don't live for just my dreams. I live for my family, too.

Which is why I think it's so hard to draw the line between "this is what I want" and "this is what I've been told I want." Because it's come to the point where a lot of these things blur, that they become the same thing, that they become so intertwined and connected that it seems like one decision effects everything else.

It's hard to be brave enough to pick something for yourself and yourself only, because we are so used to being scolded as selfish if we were to do so. And even though I am technically and legally an adult now, I don't think I'm quite that grown up or courageous yet. So, instead, I'm waiting until I finally do... because I'm sure I'll be. Someday, one day, some time... I will be.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankfulness and MUN

first order of business: Things I am thankful for.
Lots and lots of things.
In the past, lists like these have made me uncomfortable, and to some degree they still do. Listing things that one is thankful for has always seemed a little like going through someone's underwear drawer. Mine isn't too exciting. I have a lot to be thankful for. these are the things that are coming to mind. I wasn't expecting it to be quite so campy, but all of them are true.  The last one is the most important. There's so many of them.

supportive parents
living in the first world
 a really really good public school district
living where I can freely express myself
The teachers that really do believe in me
the internet, sometimes
places without the internet, sometimes
the musical instruments in my house, especially the piano and the guitar.
the people in my life who make me happy and who put up with me when i'm not.
all the cool stuff i do. (see below)

At school, I'm the president of our Model United Nations. We have like six people, but it's by far my favorite extracurricular. At MUN you go to conferences with an assigned country and represent that country at a committee. The committees have topics, and you debate those topics according to what your country's leaders would do. It's incredible fun, and I've learned so much from it. I've also met some really cool people through it, and i think it might help me get into college.

lastly, i would like to thank Emily for that last post. The idea of boxes really struck home with me. It's good to keep in mind that the things you say could have more of an impact than we realize. Have a good week everyone.

Friday, November 26, 2010

This Blog Comes In 3.5 Parts!

First comes the half part which is, I am late again. I am getting good at being late, this is not a talent I am proud of. I plan on plastering my room with sticky notes reminding me to blog. So... two late and counting, let me know if I'm up for a punishment. :/

Part 1, then.

I used to love Thanksgiving because it brings my family together around food and everything, but lately... my family is all living in the same house and we eat together almost every Friday and Sunday, so Thanksgiving, is just doing the same thing with slightly more food and reason than normal. I think what makes Thanksgiving so special is doing something different, seeing more of your family or whatever. It's not so special when we aren't gathered around telling old family stories but rather we are talking about politics and the economy and I just want to start blabbering about what House people who be in at Hogwarts and whether there are any redeeming qualities in a Slytherin. In the very least I want to hear embarrassing stories from the childhood's of myself and my cousins. We didn't even talk about what we were thankful for. It wasn't Thanksgiving, it was just eating too much food.

However on the note of thankfulness:
1. I want to echo Sandy in saying I'm thankful for the internet. Most of the things which I am most passionate about come from the internet. Nerdfighters, the Harry Potter fandom, the Harry Potter Alliance, Tumblr, blogs, friends. It all starts here and I would hate to be without this.
2. My family and friends, they are such a core and important part of my life and I love each and every one of them, I hope that they know that.
3. I'm thankful for the good in the world. We are easily blinded by all the bad stuff that is happening and it makes for a very depressing newscast and outlook on the world. However I love that there is so much good too, if you look for it.
4. Finally creativity, I think that our imaginations and creativity are the things which make this world so awesome. It is the brilliant and crazy ideas that have lead to all kinds of different things in life.

Part 2, boxes.

Sandy, I really liked this video and if any of you haven't watched it yet I would suggest it (especially because what I'm saying might not make sense otherwise!) This speech was really fun to listen to and makes me want to find some of her writings. As I'm interested in in psychology and social work and so I really liked what she said about perspective. I spent a month in Madagascar this past summer (I may have mentioned it before, I don't remember now) and while there one of the biggest changes for me was seeing how people interact with other people. Though we were all thrown into completely foreign situations and experiences, but the constant was the 19 of us. Tension were often high and a lot of that was based on how people saw each other and each others actions. When I came back from this trip I was constantly looking at people's perceptions and thinking about the life stories of people walking down the street, a very psychologist habit. I don't know, I guess I'm saying that perception is interesting.

I've also been doing a lot of thinking about the "warm and fuzzy path" as Maggie put it. I have rather steadfastly followed that path for my entire school career. Now... well, I'm still on it, and succeeding at it I suppose, but now I'm thinking different. I'm choosing not to do assignments sometimes, and staying up late to finish things related to Harry Potter, while my homework lies unfinished. I do the homework, but school has become less of a priority, not a be all and end all, and more of just a part of life. I'm putting a priority on living. It sounds kinda basic, but, I've spent a lot of my life putting everything into school and what I'm supposed to do, now I want to focus on living. A brilliant switch to pull in the terrifying junior year. However, that's why it's not really the "warm and fuzzy path"

Weird People Come Next!
I can't explain how much this message made me smile. That's all of us (no offense to those who would not like to be labeled weird). But admit it, we run around, ranting about the things that make us passionate and calling ourselves Nerdfighters. That's not exactly normal. However, I think it is absolutely brilliant.

Finally, labels. After watching this speech fifteen or so times, the part about labels got to me. I just happened to pause it right after the bit about "the box you put [teens] in, they might wear that label for the rest of their lives." I paused it, and that echoed in my head. Was that true? I wondered, not so much about the general populous, I know that can be true, but was it true for me? The answer I came up with was a resounding Yes. I mean, I'm not quite seventeen and that surely doesn't count as the rest of my life, but I've been labeled as "a good kid" and a good student. So I have been. I know there are some things that we become because as children we are exposed to it. I've been exposed to "be good" and I've taken it to the extreme, to the point where I don't know where "this is what I want" ends and "this is what I've been told I want" begins. I'm starting to question that as a part of growing up, but, quite frankly, its terrifying. I don't want to question who I am, but at the same time I need to know who I am.

Finally, Part 3, HPA and Harry Potter Awesome!
Here is why my Wednesday was totally freaking awesome, we had something called Service Day, where clubs and charities set up booths and kids around the school had to come around and visit them. I helped run one for our Harry Potter Alliance chapter. We got over 80 signatures that day, which was more than our Lumos Party! It was totally amazing to talk to these people and spew facts about fair trade and the HPA and get them to sign our petition. It is one of my favorite feelings to feel so passionate and comfortable with a speech that I can just lock eyes with someone and just start going. Service Day was missing a bit of the school, because those who considered it below their notice and appreciation just skipped school, but of the people who were there, I felt a lot more faith in the goodness of my school because there were so many people who listened and cared, it makes me feel better about my high school.

Another reason this is so late *cough cough* is procrastination *cough cough* Well, yes, but! I was procrastinating making this video which I now can share with you!


Alright, that's all folks, it's approaching 2 am and I need to get up early for a round of mother-daughter bonding time. See you all (hopefully on time *sighs at own incompetence*) next week!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Things I am thankful for: (I know it's only Thanksgiving in the US, but as a resident I have a right to blog about it!)
1. The Internet - for bringing me so many awesome things. For example? Youtube. This blog. Nerdfighters. Music. Books. The world. Just... everything.
2. My parents - for dealing with me even though I am a brat.
3. Books - for providing me with mindful (instead of mindless) entertainment.
4. Harry Potter. 'Nuff Said.
5. Numbers - for making this list very neat and very organized.

PS. Unrelated, but I think everyone should watch this. It is made of awesome, I promise.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Five mInutes

So I'm babysitting in about five minutes. Which means this is going to be a three minute post. Confessions Ready? Go.

I secretly wish that I could dress like thy did in the fifties every day.

I listen to taylor swift when I feel hormonal

I dislike daniel radcliffe

I Have an irrational fear of ants

I enjoy the music they play on crappy radio stations
! minute to go.

I haven't missed a postsecret in a year.

I read people magazine.

And that exhausts our time for today.

have a great week everyone!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


this is not late
suck on that

o ps. esther, if this you..
it's igraine.

You knwo what i think?
soaps ruin couples

if they could just leave them alone everyone could be friends
but no they ahve to ruin it
and then everyone is sad

and it's just not fair
i dont even think that elizabeth and lucky should be a couple any more
i might have before
and i might again
but they just shouldnt

they were good as teenagers
becuase they fit
lucky was hot
and liz needed somone to help her get through some stuff

i have been watching this
way too much

it just makes me sad that they arent together
wehn they look so good liek this

lucky should NOT cry
but he's so beautiful when he does
JJ has this way of making himslef look so pained and emotional
but so legit at the same time
taht you just want to hug him and love him

you know i dont even care about what happened between them when JJ wasnt there
and i dont think they shouild have brought JJ back
even tho im soo happy that they did
cuz hes soo hot
but it just made the whole circle worse.

they have each made soem bad decisions
but mostly i think that it's liz's fault
cuz shes just stupid and manipulative.
she made him get with her
and then she made me hate her.
while i dont think that he should have been with sarah
i dont think that he should got with elizabeth

but it was important that she had someone to get through the stuff the stupid writers put her through. ..
ok im kinda done/
this was partially taken from : magi143emmykat

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nitwit! Oddment! Blubber! Tweak!

It is t-minus 25 hours until I will be watching Deathly Hallows Part 1!!!! asdfddjfljdlsk!!
I'm riddiklusly pumped!

So my lovely Harry Potter Alliance stuff which I have been rambling about, we will be running what is called a Lumos Party at the theater we will be going to. Basically at a Lumos Party we will be trying to get people to sign the petition ( if you haven't already!) to make Time Warner chocolate fair trade. I have spent the last couple of days *cough* not doing homework *cough* and preparing for this release by listening to livestreams and jamming out to wizard rock/the soundtracks to the movies and printing out/creating flyers and other materials for the release. We are lucky, I heard about some theaters which will charge you to bring a petition in or worse yet, prohibit entirely. They are setting up a table for us and the rules for us are that we can't go up to people, they have to come up to us.

Basically my whole week has rocked because of tomorrow night, even with some not so fun stuff going on, like in class essays and other stupid homework assignments. (Who needs homework when you're working to change the world!?)

Everything is turning into one big Harry Potter reference and I love it. Harry Potter is one of my passions (you may have picked this up, haha) and it is so awesome that everything seems to revolve around it right now.

I also was introduced to Harry Potter through read aloud! In 3rd grade my teacher started reading Sorcercer's Stone to us. We finished around the time of the release of the 2nd movie. At the time I was afraid of movies (and sometimes even the books, I would hide under a desk, cause I was cool like that), so when my class took a trip to see the movie I didn't join them. This resulted in us never reading the second book and just moving onto the third, my favorite. Though because of this confusing reading cycle I was confused for many years of my life which book was the second and what exactly happened in that year!

I love that some people are calling our generation the Harry Potter Generation because it is such a defining part of my childhood and life now. I know that when I look back on my Junior year of high school, I won't think of the author paper or Fishbowl's in English class, but I'll definitely remember the Harry Potter Alliance and the release of this movie.

So yeah... Harry Potter, this is my kind of week!

Me decked out in my Hufflepuff stuff!


And the Weapon we have is Love!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lame post is lame.


So I know I'm the one who brought up the Harry Potter theme week, but I have absolutely nothing to say about it. At alllll. Haha, maybe this week IS more like short post week, since I can't think of anything to write.

Uhm... Uh...

Well. I first heard about Harry Potter in the second grade. My teacher read the books out loud in class. We made it through the first three and part of the fourth. Fast forward to fifth grade, I hadn't read the books in the while, but I thought I'd jump into them again. I think that's when I really started getting into HP. Although, at that time, I only had a copy of book 5 - so I've read that one backward and forward a million times over.

I remember I had never really thought much of Dumbledore before. He just seemed to be That Cool Teacher or That Cool Dude in the series. It wasn't really until book 7 that I found him somewhat understandable, somewhat human, and not some SuperWizard.

I can't pick a favorite character, because that's like picking a favorite out of my best friend. And I can never think of Harry without his friends, even though he *is* the titular character. It's always been The Trio for me, always always.

To be honest, I've always been jealous of Harry. He gets to go to magic school. He has the two coolest friends ever. He's Harry freakin' Potter! Ha! Who doesn't want to be Harry Potter?

Today my friends and I were talking about the HP movie premiere, and of course that lead to talking about the books. A person brought up how a father gave his daughter a fake letter he wrote himself, and when she found out about it she was completely heartbroken that Hogwarts didn't really exist.

Well, I don't know about her, but I'm still waiting for my letter to Hogwarts.

It'll come. Eventually.

Monday, November 15, 2010


I would like to congratulate myself. I ALMOST forgot it was blogday. But then I said: I'ts monday, I wonder what I'm missing. And here we are, in spite of mounds of math homework and Human Geography stuff I left in my locker (to be done asap when i get to school tomorrow).
What to write about though?
It seems that the theme for the past week has been very short posts. I will continue this I think.

I would like to share a poem with you all. Because that's what I think of when I think short works of literature. However, all those who have read much Auden will know that not all poetry is short. So maybe I'll read a long poem. No, that's a bad idea.
I'll type an excerpt of a long poem!

Faces along the bar
cling to their average day
the lights must never go out,
the music must always play,
alll the conventions conspire,
to make this fort assume,
the furniture of home;
lest we should see where we are,
lost in a haunted wood,
children afraid of the night
who have never been happy or good.

Collected Auden, 58

So a note on the fact that I'm reading the long and overly wordy work of a very dead man who lived during the second world war:
A line that was written in Alaska was written by auden (you must love thy neighbor/ with all they crooked heart). and i liked it. So I put the collected Works of WH Auden on hold at the library. (ten points for pretentious italics). I am the first person to check this out in ten years. go me.
Have a lovely week all.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Brain fart :/

I just remembered that I was supposed to do a blog 2 days ago... ehhh...
So punishments, I gets one now! (or do I, are we doing strikes or just to punishment, let me know!)

In other news...
(also I can't do math, I've been thinking it's in 5 days for the past hour)

I'm really excited, I finished my lovely Hufflepuff scarf earlier this week. Also, we have started the HPA chapter at my school and are hosting a Lumos party!! Awesomeness. This will be my midnight release and it is going to be amazing!!

Nanowrimo.... sooooooo behind, but I will finish this year!!! Tomorrow I'm just going to write all day.  Now for some (maybe) sleep and a day full of writing. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!



Thursday, November 11, 2010


I am late again.
late late late.
i am sorry
i seriously didnt mean to be late this time
not that imean to be late
but yeha.. i have a reason

my uncle/not uncle but i call him my uncle had a crisis.
his wife left him and took his son..
it is ridiculous.
i am not happy
and am feeling very rushed

so i have gone today to try and be helpful
he was not eating
and so my mom and i brought him food

he needed to get out of the house so we brought him over to our house.
now he is hanging out here
and it's all very sad

so hopefully some better stuff comes of it

i will talk to you all next thurs

o did everyone see johns vlogs?
i was like in love.
i love the knowledge stuff
and i love the way john talks..
it's as if he konws all and sees' all.
but i know he doesnt.
also i love the french revolution.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


No, I did not plan to be late to write post 50. To be honest, I almost didn't post this today cos I thought someone else probably should post the fiftieth. But here we are.
So. There should be punishments, if only to have something to be afraid of when you miss a post. I think we should make people write essays on random topics. Just saying. Like if I miss one more, sandy can demand that i write her a 4oo word essay on the reasons why california should be a country due the next week. (that actually might be enjoyable. we may have to revise our punishments)


So stats so far are as follows:
Comments- 35 (mostly to ourselves and by ourselves)
Views- I'm sure it says this somewhere, but i couldn't find it. If you can, comment.
I feel like this whole blogging thing is going pretty well for all of us. People mostly aren't late, and the posts are interesting. And it's really cool to see people from across the US who are pretty similar to me.

Fifty is a large number. A hundred is even larger.
So maybe we should have goals. I'm going to make some
For the hundredth post we're definitely having a chat party. Or at least a marathon of emails.
Also, we should aim to have more followers by post numero cien. Cos three is a very small number, and a number like 42 is just all together prettier. So we should aim for forty-two followers by post 100.

I think I should have some personal goals as well. This includes learning to write a post of what I deem to be adequate length. So far I haven't managed this. I'll work on that.

So this post isn't turning out to be very long either, but I deem it acceptable for the time being. This is mostly because I am going to my school play.

Have a lovely week everyone.

Nerd day!

Hey guys!
So, I agree with Rachel. I think we should start punishing people who have failed to update on time! (Speaking of which, ironically enough, we don't have a Monday post again. *eyeballs missing spot*) But I think each person should have three strikes, and if they get six, nine, twelve, etc. strikes than the punishment ups one level in embarrassment each time. Thoughts, thoughts?

Last Friday was dress up day at my school, specifically, Nerd Day.

I take a bit of offense to the theme in that 1) nerds don't really dress like that and 2) people think it's not cool to be a nerd. Every time I heard someone crack a "nerd!" joke, I would yell back "WHAT'S WRONG WITH BEING A NERD!?" which they would respond by looking at me funny and walking away.

I know the point of Nerd Day isn't to make fun of nerds. It's just a really easy dress up to do for people who can't participate in the more complicated ones like Superhero Day or Disney Character Day, etc. But STILL. It's not insulting to be a nerd! Embrace your inner nerd-ship!

I was wearing my nerdfighters shirt (the one from teefury) proudly :D I also had a presentation in English that day. When I finished, I walked back to my seat when a girl I usually don't talk to went...
GIRL: Pssst! Sandy!
ME: *looks over*
GIRL: *flashes sign* DFTBA!
and I was so in shock all I could do was smile awkwardly and flash the nerdfighters sign back.

I was thinking since next week Harry Potter 7 comes out, we could do a HP theme? Or, if you haven't read HP, a magic/fantasy theme. Just throwing that out there. And speaking of Harry freakin' Potter, tonight's episode of Glee is going to have Darren Criss guest starring!

Lastly, this is a picture of me in my Nerd Day outfit.
No, I didn't cut off my head. I was born headless.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

That wasn't flying! That was...falling with style!!


That’s “I’m reeeeeeeeeealllllllyyyyy” sorry; in Hello, a new language I just made up so you thought I was cool.
I’m sorry, I’ve been SUUUUUUUUUUUPER busy. Why does school have so much homework? :’( I hate how much stuff I have to do, who knew it would be this hard? Rawr -.-

I don’t have much to report on, cuz obviously I’ve been so busy, that I haven’t watched anything…
I’ve watched part of the last Gossip Girl, but I had skipped an episode, so I’m kinda confused… this whole treaty thing is dumb…they should just go have make up sex and get back together ^^

And I watched Glee: Rocky Horror Picture Show…fail. Just sayin. Except for:
Kurt: So what are you going as for Halloween?
Brittany: A peanut allergy.
[How the heck do you do that?! I loooooove Brittany ^^]
RHPS is like my favourite movie…next to like four ever movies… but it’s my favourite stupid movie…It’s sooooo epic, and awesome…and NO ONE can top TIM CURRY…EVER…. He was so incredibly epic that there are no words. Legit. No words.
And putting Mercedes as Frank N. Furter was just….not correct. The only person they could have had was TIM CURRY… except he’s kind of ugly now :\
Time Warp made me cringe….actually. The Brad and Janet song isn’t that bad.
The only song that I actually liked was Touch Me… Emma was pretty awesome at it. I wasn’t surprised the actress who plays her auditioned with that song, because she did it pretty well, very deserving of letting her on the show cuz of it lol.
And any song where Will ends up shirtless is a good song :D
AND OMG…Did ya’ll see PUCK’s coming back :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I’m sooooo excited. I thought he was gonna be on tour for the rest of the season, but now I’m freaking out, YAYAYAYAYAYAY PUCK :D
Ps. For everyone who hasn’t noticed: he IS in fact my FAVOURITE character :D <3

And then there’s Life Unexpected… KERR SMITH :D
Whoops, that wasn’t a sentence… hehe ^^
I’ve wanted to start watching this show for a while, like last year, cuz that’s when it started, but I didn’t know it had just started last year, so I figured there was a bunch of seasons and I would be very behind, so I didn’t watch it. Now I’m behind, only by a season though, which isn’t as much as I thought, but even so, considering I’m only on episode 3 lol. But I already love it ^^
I love Lux (who’s gonna be in that new Disney movie Avalon High, from Meg Cabot’s book by the same name [I LOVE her!! She’s like my favourite author…if they ever make a movie of All American Girl I’m soooo gonna be in it!!] but I’m afraid I’m gonna ruin it…the guy who plays Will is kinda ugly, and the girl who plays Jenn has a funn hair colour…well actually they all have funny hair colours… =[ )
And obviously I LOVE Ryan…by my out burst of Kerr Smith’s name (Jack McPhee from Dawson’s Creek ^^) despite his small boring role, there’s a slight chance he’s my favourite character :D
I also love this show because it has so many awesome people I know and love… Dev (from Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist), and Lexi from Vampire Diaries…and someone else? I don’t remember, but I remember they were someone I liked.

And personal note: Anyone who’s in university; which school do you go to: IN CANADA…and why do you like it there/ pick to go there?
My sister’s trying to decide where to go, and see can’t really pick lol. Plus, if one of you is very convincing you may get to meet her next year hehe ^^

And raise your hand if you have Teenage Dream in your head?
*raises hand*
I used to hate that song, much like a lot of Katy Perry’s song ( Peacock -.-) …but it’s actually growing on me…strange :\
Katy Perry is slightly amazing I guess….lol I’m listening to her right now…but it’s kind of turned down because I’m watching Vicor of Dibley, which trumps KP…sorry KP fans…if you’ve never seen this show you are VERY VERY deprived…
It’s an old British show…I believe I mentioned it before, but it’s worth mentioning more than once!!
It’s the best British show next to Bits of Fry and Laurie…look up ‘Your name sir?’
You will in fact laughyourassoff. :D hahaha

So that’s all for today I suppose…because I can’t think of anything to say… sorry…:\

Except ps. I’m sorry if I’m a boring person…I don’t mean to be, but sometimes I can be… and I talk about the same things all the time, so I guess that can be rather boring…if someone would like to make some suggestions as to what I should talk about, that would be awesome :D

and pss. I totally forgot to mention all the Disney movies I've been watching, and want to talk about how awesome they are...*cough* Toy Story *cough*...some of which had recent releases...that I REALLY badly want :(
Oh, and the new T-Swift album...which I also want, but have already heard cuz youtube is awesome ^^
See now you have great reasons to come back next week hehe :)

Ttyl :D <3

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hello! (and metronomes)

It's November..... *hides from scary month*
I am also attempting the wonderful Nanowrimo and have not written more than ten words today... so it's going well. XD

I guess more of what I wanted to say today is about how I'm feeling (not as gooshy as it sounds) I have days where I feel off. Like in this kinda insane way... I don't know how to describe it other than I don't feel right and it's like I'm slightly out of sync with reality and myself. I guess the best way to describe it is sorta in this video.

Now this may not seem exactly related but here's where I'm coming from. It's like rather than there being two metronomes that only sync up every once and a while, I am two metronomes that are usually in sync but then there'll be times when I'm out of sync.

I hate days like that because I can't get any work done and I just feel really confused. I don't know, I guess that's the main thing on my mind tonight so I wanted to share it with you.

I keep feeling like everyone around me is insane. Not exactly but, on days like this I feel insane, two of my friends are feeling off, my mother is over working herself and feeling sick. I don't know. I guess I'm wondering if there are a lot of metronomes out of sync and if we all are more likely to be insane rather than not.

On that cheery note I guess I'll sign off. To offset the sad/weird/insane tone of this blog post, here is a cat:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So sorry guys, crazy day yesterday.
Today I am going to write a brief bit about the Giants because I am a loyal bayarian and I do love my team. So then. The Giants won yesterday. IT ROCKED. I actually joined several thousand of the other bay area citizens who were gathered around civic center for the last innning or so. That was crazy intense. And then they won. And two hours later, there were still cars honking when they passed city hall, and it had been just enough time for people to get crazy drunk, and everything was quite entertaining.

I saw Nicole Krauss speak this week. She's a very interesting person. Her writing is so amazing. It's strange to think that one person can be so brilliant. Her new novel looks promising, even though i'm only twenty pages in.

WH Auden was a bright, though very obnoxious, man. He was a poet in the 1940s. He had a lot of trouble with time and war and relationships, like every poet. I think i'll get back to reading his work later. It might have been a mistake to check out his entire collected works.

November is here, and we're almost at fifty. CONGRATS! I don't think that I should choose a theme for this week, since all I can think about is the Giants and baseball, and 20% of our writers don't live in the US. So I'm going to let whoever wants it take the theme this week.

Should we possibly follow suit with all the other collabs out there and create punishments for late posts?? I think maybe not, but if you have like over ten or something we could make you write a five thousand word short story about a topic of our choice. that sounds fun.

This post will be relatively short since I currently have *takes deep breath* nanowrimo, college applications, homework, chores, extra curriculars *exhales* to take care of.

I would've liked to say that YES, I DID VOTE TODAY! (For it is Voting Day in the US and I am of age) except that I didn't register in time. But I did successfully nag others to participate in the vote! We fought for suffrage! Let's use it!

Also, is anyone else doing NaNoWriMo this year? I started yesterday and wrote a wee bit over five thousand words. But this morning when I woke up, I realized that what I wrote was crap and went and deleted it over half of it. *shrugs* Good luck to everyone else having a go at it!

ALSO x2, I like the idea of suggesting themes for a week! Should we go around and let everyone have a turn at picking a theme? For example, Rachel getting to pick next since she goes after Ellen? (Or whoever else, since we've already passed Monday.)