Thursday, November 11, 2010


I am late again.
late late late.
i am sorry
i seriously didnt mean to be late this time
not that imean to be late
but yeha.. i have a reason

my uncle/not uncle but i call him my uncle had a crisis.
his wife left him and took his son..
it is ridiculous.
i am not happy
and am feeling very rushed

so i have gone today to try and be helpful
he was not eating
and so my mom and i brought him food

he needed to get out of the house so we brought him over to our house.
now he is hanging out here
and it's all very sad

so hopefully some better stuff comes of it

i will talk to you all next thurs

o did everyone see johns vlogs?
i was like in love.
i love the knowledge stuff
and i love the way john talks..
it's as if he konws all and sees' all.
but i know he doesnt.
also i love the french revolution.

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