Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Short Halloween post

Hello Girls!

I am here, on time, if not by much!
I am just coming off of my first all-nighter to finish a paper.... so I just kinda want to go to sleep. (For the record, it wasn't completely my fault, the stupid science lab required water and  that water and my computer got a little too intimate for me to safely turn on my computer... with the first half of that paper)

However Halloween! Yeah!
Is anyone going to dress up at school? I don't know if I will go all out but I can pretty much guarantee that I will be bringing my wand to school on Friday because I'm cool like that.* I will also probably wear whatever extent of the Hufflepuff house scarf I am currently crocheting. Or perhaps I will stick a communicator on my shirt and throw up the Live Long and Prosper sign at random intervals.

Booing sounds really cool, my neighborhood isn't too big on Halloween (despite being relatively close to Salem, which is Witch City (totally made up that name, but they are big on Halloween)) I miss my old neighborhood which was filled with kids and plenty of Halloween fun. Instead I think my friends and I are getting together and making wands and possibly going to Salem. I don't really know yet.

Alright, bed time for the sleepy one. Have an awesome Halloween everyone!

*Side note I want to leave you with is this poem, you might have seen it in school but I don't know, I like it and think of it whenever I think the phrase "real cool" it's by Gwendolyn Brooks

We real cool. We
Left school. We

Lurk late. We
Strike straight. We

Sing sin. We
Thin gin. We

Jazz June. We
Die soon. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guys get away with everything...

I'm sorry to say that I haven't really done any work on organizing the chat party (and the 50th post anniversary is already coming up! Gahh!) School is overwhelming. It takes up my time and eats my brains D:...

Today's post is about the injustice of female character bashing!

The other day I saw on twitter Cassandra Clare was asking why so many people are quick to call lesser-liked girl characters derogatory names. Looking back at the books I've read, I can see several reasons for this (for example, if an author doesn't execute her headstrong female well then she may come across as bitchy) but I still find it unfair.

It's rare that I ever find people bashing on male characters. I've seen male characters perform equally as horrifying acts as female characters but they still get a sympathetic pat on the back. Whereas females, if they take one step out of line, readers cry out "you wretched skank!" I also find that people are more likely to point fingers at Mary Sue's than Gary Stu's.

Why is it that male characters get away with this stuff ._. ?

Part of it, I think, is because most readers are female (especially in the YA genre, which is where I flock.) Girls are less likely to judge Hot Male Lead B than Neurotic Hormonal Female Lead C. Songs about females crying over unrequited love makes them appear weak and needy. When a male sings one, they're labeled as sensitive, cute, and poetic.

Admittedly, I did it the other day.

I was reading Avalon High by Meg Cabot and I kept thinking how annoying it was to read a book about a girl just pining over a guy. Before I had even gotten really into the plot, that's all I could think of. "This is another whiny girl story." But it wasn't. When I settled into the story, I actually really liked the protagonist.

The guy, on the other hand, was a pretty static character. If I were to describe Will, it would be "the nice pretty boy." He didn't develop or change, at least, not significantly enough that I saw a huge difference between Will at the beginning and Will at the end. (Then again, this is a MG book so I might be critiquing a bit harshly - but this was the first example that popped into my head.)

...and yet, he got away with a lot of things. Which, I think a lot of male characters do. As long as they have a pretty face, people don't realize how they utterly lack any other characteristics. A lot of male characters get away with lack of personality by having a lot of angst or having a traumatic past. Not that this is bad, I myself like me a bit of angst, but again - it's all in the execution. How watching his mother get killed before his very eyes makes him jaded and unable to trust others, not just extremely moody.

But more so than all of the above, I think readers shouldn't be so quick to judge. Characters do what they do for a reason, and if they took a chance to look at why and not just what - we would find characters to be much more human and relatable than we originally thought them to be.

edit: Because I'm lame and read everyone's posts after I wrote this, I didn't realize someone had an awesome theme suggested! I'm sorry!

Monday, October 25, 2010


I was going to write about halloween anyway, but Ellen definitely contributed to the idea.

In my neighborhood, we have this thing called Booing.

Every halloween someone starts it. Basically, you leave someone a poem about halloween and a bag of candy and a picture to put on their door on their front porch anonymously sometime before october 31st. The person then has to Boo at least three other people (I, the overachiever, booed 7). I used to think i might get too old for it, but I don't see taht happening any time soon. Especially cos you get to ding dong ditch your neighbors. best thing ever. That is favorite part #1 of halloween.

Number two is dressing up. This year i'm going to be a circus freak (if i can find proper petticoats/tutu by sunday). I really enjoy wearing random clothes free of strange looks for a night. It is my belief that everyone should dress up (yes that means you).

part 3.  Candy. Yeah. The trick or treating rocks. It's one of my favorite parts. I know it's super dorky and everything and that kids my age should be out egging people's houses and getting stoned, but asking strangers for candy is sort of similar in a roundabout way.

I think those are my three favorite parts.

In other news, today at the thrift store we got hearing aids. Little weird.

More news is that I have a chem test tomorrow. Woo. study time. The week after next I promise i will have a post of a more decent length. Sorry.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


...and im actually putting a blog up
that's progress

so ..
there was no glee this week
me?= exremely pissed off.


i was really looking forward the new RHPS glee..
but no
it was a stupid rerun

but i think it should be on next week
so that should be interesting :)

wow.. so enough about there not being glee

life is going somewhat smoothly
school is trickling along and assignments are being thrown at me left right and center
but im sure ill push through
and i'll be awesome

im rather boring this time
but i'll put up a complete review of more of tv soon because its clear i watch too much and i need to chat about it.

anyway DFTBA

Mergh for late blogs...

Things have been so hectic here (read: school work is piling up but I'm still procrastinating) so the blog kept popping into my mind before I would click back to my essays and debate prep. Alas I went to sleep without remembering :(

Another "alas" is that I don't have anything terribly interesting to talk about.... other than donuts. I have a bag of donettes and I am eating them... I will share them with you virtually, Here! *gives everyone a donut*

When I read your Tuesday blog Sandy, I was thinking of that article and was going in my head I'll link her to that awesome Libba Bray article.. then I read that you were inspired by it and I was like, so that's why it reminded me so much of the blog...

On the note recommending blogs I highly recommend this as a read. Also I have mentioned my sticky note project on here before and if I didn't link to the related idea on the interwebs then I will now.

Well, actually NOW.
(tricked ya!)

I don't really know what's going on in my head right now, so please excuse the spazziness.
Anyway I think I'm going to sign off now *Goodbye sound from AOL*


[[[Time zone is EST (Boston)]]]

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's naive about dreaming?

So far I have gathered this much about the possible-chat-party: timezones suck. -cough- Anyway, I think it'll work best on a weekend so we don't have to worry about school and such. I shall be consulting timezone maps... I need to know what everyone's timezones are and what IMing devices you possess.

I'm not really one to vocally/physically show my irritation to the public. I have long adopted being "the quiet kid," and I find there's a 100% decrease in the chance you'll get beat up in this way. (But this is my way. Feel free to do what you gotta do!)

That's why when people tell me to give up on my novel-writing dreams, I often shrug it off and cry in my closet later when nobody is watching.

But I find that... enough is enough!

I think that I've spent too much of my life worrying about what other people say about me. I've always been afraid of my parents' disapproval as much as my friends'... but that's everyone, right? We all feel insecure about ourselves. There are times my mom shakes her head at me when I'm busy at work, at that one head shake makes me feel ashamed for dreaming what I dream. My friends don't exactly disapprove of what I do, but none of them really support my endeavors either. My family has made a joke of it - they think it's funny I want to write, because they equate that to being a hobo, which obviously means I'm going to be unhappy. Obviously.

I'm tired of having my actions being defined by other people, though. So I'm not tolerating it anymore. What is their opinion worth to me if all it does is make me feel bad about myself? They don't have that right, and I should not allow it. Many people think me naive for wanting such a thing. I see them roll their eyes when I inscribe "DON'T STOP BELIEVING!" (yes, Glee reference) on my bedroom wall.

Well, I say this: that's easy. It's easy for you to stand on the sidelines and criticize me for what I do. It's easy for you to scoff. Go ahead, take your shortcuts. If that makes you feel better about yourself, go ahead.

When I first heard Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, I hated it. But now I can kind of see the slither of truth it has in it (though I still don't like it that much); that teenagers are blessed with the capacity to do whatever. I can publish an article in the school newspaper while simultaneously start in the school musical. I won't ever have a chance like that again.

I'm stopping with the worrying over college and wondering what is the right road. There is no right road. There is only the one road that I choose and the one road I follow through with. By the way, I drive a bulldozer so you might want to get your butt out of my way.

(PS, I think everyone should read Libba Bray's post on something similar to this. It's lengthy, but worth the read. It made me tear up a bit, but mostly it inspired me to keep with my decision to be stronger.)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Design? and a to do list

So. our design is a little plain. It would be really easy to make a nice template. If anyone wants me to just let me know.
also, i would love a 50 post chat party, but how would we work out our time differences? I live in california, and Ellen lives in Scotland. that would be difficult.
Now for my to do list. just something i think needs to be out there.

1.Follow a stranger to see where they go. not in like a creepy way, in an experimental way. my town is great for this. there's all sorts of stores to hide in.

2.leave someone a mix cd in a book and ACTUALLY wait to see who picks it up. i've tried this, but I always get sort of bored and leave. i'll have to work on that.

3.make a sidewalk mural downtown. something nice, and creative. sort of a happy dali. but dali wouldnt be dali if he was happy, so never mind.

4. make a sculpture. of anything. Out of anything. i'm thinking clay from a baseball field, but we'll see how that turns out.

5. buy a vuvuzela. yeah. pretty much.

that's it for this week, sorry. i'm super busy.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Rocky Horror Picture Show On Glee (that's next week's topic)


So uh, apperently I forgot to write a blog last week? Whoopsy, my bad :| I apologize to those no
body who read this (by no body I dont mean that you're no bodies... just that no body reads this
So what has happened since last blog...?
Well I went to Pumpkin Fest. For anyone who is within the area of Port Elgin (South hampton,
Owen Sound) and anyone who is interested in extremely large pumpkins...? you know what I'm
talking about...
but those who aren't under those options... or who do live near there and are a crack baby who
lives in the basement and don't see sunlight often... well it's basically a fest where you go
around and look at... pumpkins... :}
I know, I know. It sounds really boring... but it's actually alot better than it sounds.. there's also
rides (funtastic rides ^^), and lots of candy (fudge :D), and elephant rides, and bird shows (with
hot british people ^^ :D), and awesome bands (*cough* Midtown cross *cough* facebook them
*cough* )and lots of cool clothes and other such things to buy... it's pretty much amazing.
I've gone every year since like 1999, and I'm still not bored of it... really you have to be there,
and I highly suggest you do... it's the first weekend of october, every year, and so worth the low
entrance fee of $8 :)

Also, this week I've been super crazy, lots of essays and exams and ahhhhhhh!!!!!-ness.
Plus there's my sister who's like freaking out cuz she's going to graduate this year, but she
doesn't want to come back next year, but she's not sure she wants to go to university yet. What
do you think she should do, go back, or go on? Or should she do Katimavik?
Which is a volunteer-ish place where you get to go some place/s in canada and learn about that
area, while helping doing stuff in that town and such, from what I can tell/ hear... but she kinda
is undecisive about that too.
She's not good at decisions, and I don't want to make them for her... what do you think?

Anyone see Glee? Yeah, I thought so.
Who else totally agrees that Sam is gay? ME TOO :D
I SOOOO want him and Kurt together <3 Screw Quinn and Sam... Quinn should be with Puck <3
ftw :D
I wanted him to be with Finn at the beginning... did you not see the eye sex in Empire State of
Mind? And why was Finn watching him in the shower? It's totally like Finn and mr. Shu... they
totally WANT to be together, but the show just WON'T LET THEM ahh :P
How rude, they're all CLEARLY gay :D


For those like me who can't live without spoilers:

I read somewhere, before the season started that:
-the new football kid was gay
-that the new gay guy would be Kurt's new boyfriend
-either Artie or Puck would not be returning to the show

So what I've now concluded is:
-Sam is the new gay football player; cuz clearly the show is going for every high school cliche
every, so why exclude the hot gay football player?
-But they said that Kurt's boyfriend storyline is being pushed back, so it will probably be
extended out as long as possibly... :( They'll probably put Sam and Quinn together, and then
have the whole difficulty coming out/ cheating on her with Kurt thing, and then someone will
out him... booring, he should just save us some time and come out :)
-Puck is the goner; they gave Artie a new interesting story line right off the bat... and broke up
Puck and Quinn, and without Quinn Puck is screwed... aside from being extremely hot. <3 But
since Artie does have that storyline, and Puck has nothing, and he's now "in jail" I'm pretty sure
he's the goner :'(

************************END OF SPOILER!!!!********************

What else had I wanted to discuss? I haven't seen the rest of Gossip Girl... but I have one

Vampire Diaries: What's happening...? Elena and Stefan are fighting... stupid, Katherine's not
stupid, she'll see through it...
And Katherine and Tyler's uncle?! DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!!!!!! WTF?
Did anyone see that coming? WHOA!! EW, no.
You know who should be together... Tyler and Jeremy :D I didn't used to be really for them, but
now I am more and more (I used to want Jeremy and Damon together... after Anna *RIP* died
of course, cuz if she was alive he'd CLEARLY be with her...but she's dead, and Damon tried to kill
him, so that's not really happening...) But they're becoming buddies now, so who really
knows...? hehe

My gosh, I keep pairing gay couples together... oh well, that's what I do hehe.
I pair other people together *cough* puck and quinn/ finn and rachel/ brooke and nathan/
peyton and jake/ jeremy and anna/ elena and damon/ stefan and elena, or stefan and caroline
(they're growing on me... but I still really love Caroline and Matt, so I'm still torn :S)/ etc...
I just enjoy pairing gay couples more... they're less obvious, and therefore funner ^^
But also, when they put obvious hints it's just called for... like Merlin/Arthur.. really they're just
a give in, even Colin Morgan and Bradly James say so...

It's also secretly cuz I miss my couples... Luke/Noah and Luke/Reid :'( I want them back, and
Justin/Brian... my gosh Brian Kinney = sex walking ^^

If anyone out there secretly loves me they will find out what the name of that house that Brian
buys for Justin season 5... I think episode 11 or 12? It is the awesomest house ever... next to the
Glenridge Hall (from the Vampire Diaries... ohmigod, my mouth waters looking at it) or where it
is, cuz i wanna cyber stalk it, or go see it ^^
Or you could buy it/ or Glenridge Hall for my birthday? ;D haha just kidding, they'd cost ALOT.
But I'd like to know more about them :)

But really that's about it for now... I don't really have anything else to say.
And ps I know I said in like the first blog that I was going to have a twilight/ harry potter
comparison blog...and then never did. Well I will soon... or now. I feel like now ^^

Ok, short I guess, maybe a longer one later.

So Harry Potter is clearly better...
I don't mind both. I definitely read them both intently, so it's not like I disliked Twilight or
anything... I just thought that the only good part was Alice and Jasper ^^ For sure Eclipse

Jasper: "You've kept me waiting a long time" she said.
Alice: And you ducked your head like a good Southern gentleman and said "I'm sorry ma'am"
Jasper: You held out your hand, and I took it without stopping to make sense of what I was
doing. For the first time in almost a century, I felt hope.

If that's not the cutest thing in the entire world than I don't know what is.

You see, that's the difference between Harry Potter and Twilight; Twilight has more of a
romantic theme, it's all about Bella and Edward's love, and what happens to them during their
relationship. That's what brings people in, their love for each other, despite the fact that he's a
vicious vampire who wants to eat her... kinda like Vampire Diaries, huh?
While Harry Potter, for the first six books at least, was all about Harry and his live, what he's
going through; having to go to Hogwarts and realize he's a wizard, that there's a world outside
of the Dursley's closet (*cough* Harry's so gay *cough* Look up nerimon on youtube... Alex Day
will explain everything :P), and his relationship with his friends, and his parents friends, and his
fight to defeat Voldemort. That's really the driving force, not two silly teenagers who fight over
who loves who more, and whether Bella will be a vampire or not, it's whether Harry will defeat
Voldemort or not.
Not really meaning to bash Twilight, cuz clearly like everyone else I eat those books up, I bought
all five of them (I haven't read Brie's yet though...) and I was on one team or another (Clearly
Team Edward... for the books, Team Jacob for the movie... Taylor Lautner really stepped up for
that role, I gasped when he came on screen... that rain scene OHMIGOD!!) and I wanted Bella
and Edward to stay together.
Though obviously I wanted Jasper... man oh man, if I could find a real life version of him, I would
marry him in a heart beat!!
But also, once Harry and Ginny got together/ Hermione and Ron the books just took that extra
step of awesomness.. I'm actually highly upset that they didn't convey Harry and Ginny in the
movie the same way in the movie... kind like how horrible the third movie was ruined with the
Maurauders... that book was the best one because of them, and they basically cut it all out -.-
WTF. Honestly? Ew.
I hope at least they'll make it all better with the 7th one... I'm actually glad that they're making
it two parts... kinda like twilight, odd, huh?
But they're putting it in 3D? Really? And to top it off, they're not making it into 3D, they're
putting the 3D on after... the worst kind of 3D possible... it has never worked out well... theyre
gonna ruin it... the 3rd and the 7th are my favourite books, and they're gonna ruin them both :'(
Kinda like how they ruined my favourite line in Eclipse :'(
I don't really know what to say else, I guess I'll have to add more in a longer version, cuz I
already talk too much, and this part was an extra part, so it's really long now... my bad :P
Any suggestions on things I should mention/ dispute?
Other topics to dispute/ complain about... I'm really good at it... It may not seem so, but I can
be haha.
I will have more next week... hopefully this time I won't forget, I hadn't realized I had last week,
so my appologizies, you know how school is... -.-
talk to ya later :D <3

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another one of those Wednesday things...

A blog... yeah, I do those once a week...

Howdy Girls!
I hope everyone's week is going fairly well. Mine is mostly mundane and slightly fun. The fun part comes from what I was writing about last week which is my lovely Wizard Rock Weekend of Awesome, which was, in fact, awesome! I suggest going to as many wrock concerts as you can as they are uber fun :)

I think my favorite thing was the HPA 5 year celebration event. It was a lot of fun because I got to see some of my favorite bands but it was also more than just a concert. We go to hear Andrew Slack speak.. and speak.. and speak, haha :P But I actually really enjoyed it because he talked a lot about activism and Harry Potter, which doesn't sound inherently exciting but actually was really fun. My friends and I are going to start up a Harry Potter Alliance chapter at my school which will be totally awesome.

The other part of my fun week is my new nerdy t-shirts. I bought a shirt at each of the shows. A purple "won't you be in nerdfighterlike with me?" one, another Remus Lupins shirt that says don't let the muggles get you down and then I ordered the charity shirt from teefury, any body else get that one? I'm going to wear a nerdy shirt for each day of the week, very exciting, hehe

As far as the fifty post anniversary chat, I am totally on board with this! Sometimes I feel like I don't know you guys all that well, other than what you blog about, so I'm super excited! Have a good week everyone!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Almost 50!

We're at 35 blog posts already! Almost at 50! I say we should have some sort of chat party when we hit 50 (because I feel like we don't talk nearly enough!) THOUGHTS?

Moving along,
A lot of things happened this weekend! From my birthday to taking my last SATs ever to watching Easy A (excellent, excellent, excellent movie)! Throughout the week I'm always like "oooh! I should blog about this!" but then I end up forgetting, which leaves me staring blankly at my Tuesday post until I force something out.

So in light of the movie I just saw, I'll be doing a review of EASY A! *applause*
Easy A is a modern day adaptation of The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Regardless of whether you've read the book or not, this movie will have you rolling all over the popcorn-littered theatre floor laughing your butt off.

I don't think I'd do very well summarizing, so click here to watch the trailer!

The main character is Olive Penderghast (aka; 21st Century Hester Prynne) played by Emma Stone, who is an amazing actress. She just IS Olive - snarky, smart, funny, and headstrong. But at the same time, we see Olive is as insecure as every other high school kid. She's relatable, which makes her human, which makes her a believable character.

The film successfully promotes moral integrity, comments on society's hypocrisy, and tells one heck of a story without being horribly corny, cliche, or trite. There is no easy solution or easy ending for Olive to choose. Instead, she braves forward with her own resolve.

I know I'll be quoting this film and singing Pocketful of Sunshine for the next week or so :D

Monday, October 11, 2010

The longest weekend in the history of this year

Today I'm going to blog about pranking. Positive and the other kind.
The other kind.
I've really loved Banksy for a while. His work isn't so much about pranking anymore. It's about statements. But in essence, this is what pranking is. It's all about statements. (I just re read that after finding a picture of an entire office covered in sticky notes. Cant find the statement.) You prank the school librarian cos she overcharges for paper and you want to protest that. You prank Barnes and Noble because they're an overpriced chain. It goes on. There's a difference between that and just TPing someone's house (but that's a statement too, just not a very nice one). Toilet paper sucks. Drawing mustaches on displays is sort of funny. (ok so maybe not but...some of us have bad senses of humor.)

Positive pranking
It's similar, but also very different. (a paradox?)  It still sort of makes a statement. A little. But mostly it's about being nice anonymously. Which is also cool. What defines positive pranking? Is it only things that do good things? Or can it also be things that make people smile. For instance, leaving someone an anonymous mix cd. Not a creepy one. Just a good one. I don't know. You answer cos I have homework to do.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Days of the Week are Confusing

This month has been kind of weird with remembering what day it was. I know that today is Wednesday, aka blogday aka Wind-day. Yet I kept feeling like it was Friday and at the same time feeling like it all was Tuesday. I was day-ily confused.
Side story, growing up, me and my dad had different names for the days of the week. So our weeks went like this Someday, Momday, Toothday, Wind-day, Thirstday, French-fry-day, Sat-On-The-Cat Day. [/pointless story]
(another side note, I love the internet because I can make html jokes *nerd jokes, nerd jokes*)

So what is going on with me right now is actually in line with the unspoken theme of Harry Potter. I will be having an awesome, nerdy long weekend and am super excited! I will be going to a show in Boston for the Triple Rainbow Awesome Tour on Saturday (ALL CAPS, Mike Lombardo, Alex Carpenter and Mike Lombardo) and to the HPA's 10-10-10 celebration on Sunday and to round out that amazing weekend is the first real meeting of our book club where we have just read Looking For Alaska. So Nerdfighter/Harry Potter weekend FTW!

So I was wondering, has any one else ever had their day made by a vlogbrothers video (or other nerdfightery one)? Earlier this week I was having a pretty hard time of it (like tissues and Ben and Jerry's difficult) and then I watched John's Monday video and it made me stop crying. That whole part about the tree that hasn't stopped being a tree despite considerable difficulties and laughing despite the burden of destiny. It helped me face things and get it together. I don't know, I just was wondering if I'm the only one here who that's happened to *peers at curiously*

Things are a lot better now that my work is getting done and the wonderous weekend I have in store. I hope everyone else is having an awesome week! DFTBA!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SATs are this Saturday. *sigh*

How To Study For SATs;
Step one: Stare blankly at SAT prep book.
Step two: Do one problem. Check your answer.
Step three: Become convinced that the answer key has an error.
Step four: Bang head against desk.
Step five: Repeat for the duration of three hours.
* Optionally, you can add a "cry for three hours" or "curl up into fetal position for three hours" depending on your method of sorrow-drowning.

Lately I've watched JK Rowling's interview on Oprah. One of the most intriguing and interesting interviews I've ever seen of JK Rowling! It's getting me excited for the release of Deathly Hallows Part I (also, sad that I am reminded once again that the books are over D:...) (Though I am excited to see what she does next.) (Very much so.)

Sometimes I forget Harry Potter is a book series since it's exploded into such a big thing. The books transcend all else. It is in its own realm of greatness. I feel like I can understand the HP characters better than my friends. (Sad, true, yes.)

Anyway, my post today is very scattered... but that's because I don't really have anything to talk about! Except that this Friday is senior dress up day, and I'm busting out a pokeball in preparation for it >D...

Gotta catch 'em all!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Alex Said Sports

             So I remembered today was blogday in Spanish today. And I asked the kid sitting next to me what I should blog about. Alex said Sports, because that's what he would blog about if he had to. So Today I'm going to Blog about Sports. My favorite real /large  sport to watch is hockey. I'm mostly Canadian, so I guess maybe it's a blood trait, and also it's just so much better than any of the others. I mean, with football it's a bunch of giant guys running at each other for two seconds at a time (which is never enough time to realize they're playing and then start paying attention again). And soccer's so technical a lot of the time, but I like that one too. Also hockey's so much fun to laugh at in a kind way. Not in a soccer snob way or a condescending Ihatefootball way, in a sort of younger sister way. Whenever anyone gets put in the time out box, my mom and I yell "Badboyboxbadboyboxbadboybox!!!" and giggle. That's why hockey's so fun.
           and Another thing. Hockey fans rock. They throw squids on to the ice, and fake eat each other's heads, and fight over which beer is the best.
           Now for my second Favorite Sport. Quiddich. yeah. It's only real at my school though. There's a quiddich club and they practice by my house. They put up large sticks with rings on the end and run around on broomsticks for a couple hours. It's really entertaining. And way better than going to a football game. My friends and I were trying to set up a leauge with the other schools in our district, and have games on saturdays and stuff, but it didn't work out. Maybe next year.
             So that's it for sports. Among other news, one of my favorite books is becomoing a movie that you can see this friday if you live near me. Trailer. It's called it's kind of a funny story, If you were wondering. I might see it. Even more news: homecoming's next weekend. woo. i'm taking my friend from another school. hers got sold out. ha. My school doesn't have enough spirit to get enough people to go for it to sell out. Ever. Most people don't even go to the rallies. It's a little depressing at times. Other times it's really fun to have a picnic at lunch when the rest of the school watches kids from leadership dance around. OH AND. Halloween! best holiday ever. Fifteen is so not too old for trickortreating. It's the perfect age. Unless you're trickortreating with boys who steal your neighbors candy bowl. THen it's not so great.

           I just remembered that Alex also was talking about the spanish test that I forgot to study for until now....see yall next week.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I’m soo sorry this is late, I was sick yesterday :(
Not good times getting sick, it’s highly upsetting, I don’t recommend it.

But a good cure is….
The people who are saying “who?” :S you’re insane, and need to go watch Merlin, NOW!!
You are seriously lacking in ColinMorgan and BradlyJames.
And those who know who I’m talking about, yay :)
Then you’ll love this:

legit, I haven’t laughed so hard in soooo long.
Note though: it mentions gay people, so if you’re offended by them, feel free to not watch it… but you’ll be missing out on hilarious good times laughoutloud

I was watching Dawson’s Creek (pretty much amazing btw) when I fell upon this amazingness. :D

This one’s extra short, just thought I would share that ^^
Next week will be better.

Talktoyoulater, bye :D