Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mergh for late blogs...

Things have been so hectic here (read: school work is piling up but I'm still procrastinating) so the blog kept popping into my mind before I would click back to my essays and debate prep. Alas I went to sleep without remembering :(

Another "alas" is that I don't have anything terribly interesting to talk about.... other than donuts. I have a bag of donettes and I am eating them... I will share them with you virtually, Here! *gives everyone a donut*

When I read your Tuesday blog Sandy, I was thinking of that article and was going in my head I'll link her to that awesome Libba Bray article.. then I read that you were inspired by it and I was like, so that's why it reminded me so much of the blog...

On the note recommending blogs I highly recommend this as a read. Also I have mentioned my sticky note project on here before and if I didn't link to the related idea on the interwebs then I will now.

Well, actually NOW.
(tricked ya!)

I don't really know what's going on in my head right now, so please excuse the spazziness.
Anyway I think I'm going to sign off now *Goodbye sound from AOL*


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