Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Almost 50!

We're at 35 blog posts already! Almost at 50! I say we should have some sort of chat party when we hit 50 (because I feel like we don't talk nearly enough!) THOUGHTS?

Moving along,
A lot of things happened this weekend! From my birthday to taking my last SATs ever to watching Easy A (excellent, excellent, excellent movie)! Throughout the week I'm always like "oooh! I should blog about this!" but then I end up forgetting, which leaves me staring blankly at my Tuesday post until I force something out.

So in light of the movie I just saw, I'll be doing a review of EASY A! *applause*
Easy A is a modern day adaptation of The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Regardless of whether you've read the book or not, this movie will have you rolling all over the popcorn-littered theatre floor laughing your butt off.

I don't think I'd do very well summarizing, so click here to watch the trailer!

The main character is Olive Penderghast (aka; 21st Century Hester Prynne) played by Emma Stone, who is an amazing actress. She just IS Olive - snarky, smart, funny, and headstrong. But at the same time, we see Olive is as insecure as every other high school kid. She's relatable, which makes her human, which makes her a believable character.

The film successfully promotes moral integrity, comments on society's hypocrisy, and tells one heck of a story without being horribly corny, cliche, or trite. There is no easy solution or easy ending for Olive to choose. Instead, she braves forward with her own resolve.

I know I'll be quoting this film and singing Pocketful of Sunshine for the next week or so :D

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