Monday, October 11, 2010

The longest weekend in the history of this year

Today I'm going to blog about pranking. Positive and the other kind.
The other kind.
I've really loved Banksy for a while. His work isn't so much about pranking anymore. It's about statements. But in essence, this is what pranking is. It's all about statements. (I just re read that after finding a picture of an entire office covered in sticky notes. Cant find the statement.) You prank the school librarian cos she overcharges for paper and you want to protest that. You prank Barnes and Noble because they're an overpriced chain. It goes on. There's a difference between that and just TPing someone's house (but that's a statement too, just not a very nice one). Toilet paper sucks. Drawing mustaches on displays is sort of funny. (ok so maybe not but...some of us have bad senses of humor.)

Positive pranking
It's similar, but also very different. (a paradox?)  It still sort of makes a statement. A little. But mostly it's about being nice anonymously. Which is also cool. What defines positive pranking? Is it only things that do good things? Or can it also be things that make people smile. For instance, leaving someone an anonymous mix cd. Not a creepy one. Just a good one. I don't know. You answer cos I have homework to do.

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