Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Days of the Week are Confusing

This month has been kind of weird with remembering what day it was. I know that today is Wednesday, aka blogday aka Wind-day. Yet I kept feeling like it was Friday and at the same time feeling like it all was Tuesday. I was day-ily confused.
Side story, growing up, me and my dad had different names for the days of the week. So our weeks went like this Someday, Momday, Toothday, Wind-day, Thirstday, French-fry-day, Sat-On-The-Cat Day. [/pointless story]
(another side note, I love the internet because I can make html jokes *nerd jokes, nerd jokes*)

So what is going on with me right now is actually in line with the unspoken theme of Harry Potter. I will be having an awesome, nerdy long weekend and am super excited! I will be going to a show in Boston for the Triple Rainbow Awesome Tour on Saturday (ALL CAPS, Mike Lombardo, Alex Carpenter and Mike Lombardo) and to the HPA's 10-10-10 celebration on Sunday and to round out that amazing weekend is the first real meeting of our book club where we have just read Looking For Alaska. So Nerdfighter/Harry Potter weekend FTW!

So I was wondering, has any one else ever had their day made by a vlogbrothers video (or other nerdfightery one)? Earlier this week I was having a pretty hard time of it (like tissues and Ben and Jerry's difficult) and then I watched John's Monday video and it made me stop crying. That whole part about the tree that hasn't stopped being a tree despite considerable difficulties and laughing despite the burden of destiny. It helped me face things and get it together. I don't know, I just was wondering if I'm the only one here who that's happened to *peers at curiously*

Things are a lot better now that my work is getting done and the wonderous weekend I have in store. I hope everyone else is having an awesome week! DFTBA!


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