Monday, October 25, 2010


I was going to write about halloween anyway, but Ellen definitely contributed to the idea.

In my neighborhood, we have this thing called Booing.

Every halloween someone starts it. Basically, you leave someone a poem about halloween and a bag of candy and a picture to put on their door on their front porch anonymously sometime before october 31st. The person then has to Boo at least three other people (I, the overachiever, booed 7). I used to think i might get too old for it, but I don't see taht happening any time soon. Especially cos you get to ding dong ditch your neighbors. best thing ever. That is favorite part #1 of halloween.

Number two is dressing up. This year i'm going to be a circus freak (if i can find proper petticoats/tutu by sunday). I really enjoy wearing random clothes free of strange looks for a night. It is my belief that everyone should dress up (yes that means you).

part 3.  Candy. Yeah. The trick or treating rocks. It's one of my favorite parts. I know it's super dorky and everything and that kids my age should be out egging people's houses and getting stoned, but asking strangers for candy is sort of similar in a roundabout way.

I think those are my three favorite parts.

In other news, today at the thrift store we got hearing aids. Little weird.

More news is that I have a chem test tomorrow. Woo. study time. The week after next I promise i will have a post of a more decent length. Sorry.

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