Friday, October 1, 2010


I’m soo sorry this is late, I was sick yesterday :(
Not good times getting sick, it’s highly upsetting, I don’t recommend it.

But a good cure is….
The people who are saying “who?” :S you’re insane, and need to go watch Merlin, NOW!!
You are seriously lacking in ColinMorgan and BradlyJames.
And those who know who I’m talking about, yay :)
Then you’ll love this:

legit, I haven’t laughed so hard in soooo long.
Note though: it mentions gay people, so if you’re offended by them, feel free to not watch it… but you’ll be missing out on hilarious good times laughoutloud

I was watching Dawson’s Creek (pretty much amazing btw) when I fell upon this amazingness. :D

This one’s extra short, just thought I would share that ^^
Next week will be better.

Talktoyoulater, bye :D

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