Monday, October 4, 2010

Alex Said Sports

             So I remembered today was blogday in Spanish today. And I asked the kid sitting next to me what I should blog about. Alex said Sports, because that's what he would blog about if he had to. So Today I'm going to Blog about Sports. My favorite real /large  sport to watch is hockey. I'm mostly Canadian, so I guess maybe it's a blood trait, and also it's just so much better than any of the others. I mean, with football it's a bunch of giant guys running at each other for two seconds at a time (which is never enough time to realize they're playing and then start paying attention again). And soccer's so technical a lot of the time, but I like that one too. Also hockey's so much fun to laugh at in a kind way. Not in a soccer snob way or a condescending Ihatefootball way, in a sort of younger sister way. Whenever anyone gets put in the time out box, my mom and I yell "Badboyboxbadboyboxbadboybox!!!" and giggle. That's why hockey's so fun.
           and Another thing. Hockey fans rock. They throw squids on to the ice, and fake eat each other's heads, and fight over which beer is the best.
           Now for my second Favorite Sport. Quiddich. yeah. It's only real at my school though. There's a quiddich club and they practice by my house. They put up large sticks with rings on the end and run around on broomsticks for a couple hours. It's really entertaining. And way better than going to a football game. My friends and I were trying to set up a leauge with the other schools in our district, and have games on saturdays and stuff, but it didn't work out. Maybe next year.
             So that's it for sports. Among other news, one of my favorite books is becomoing a movie that you can see this friday if you live near me. Trailer. It's called it's kind of a funny story, If you were wondering. I might see it. Even more news: homecoming's next weekend. woo. i'm taking my friend from another school. hers got sold out. ha. My school doesn't have enough spirit to get enough people to go for it to sell out. Ever. Most people don't even go to the rallies. It's a little depressing at times. Other times it's really fun to have a picnic at lunch when the rest of the school watches kids from leadership dance around. OH AND. Halloween! best holiday ever. Fifteen is so not too old for trickortreating. It's the perfect age. Unless you're trickortreating with boys who steal your neighbors candy bowl. THen it's not so great.

           I just remembered that Alex also was talking about the spanish test that I forgot to study for until now....see yall next week.


  1. SERIOUSLY? Quidditch? I am so jealous right now Dx...

    Oh! I saw trailers for that film, and I was intrigued. But if the book was good, I want to read it before I go to see it! (If I do!)

  2. Book was so good. Definitely read it.