Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Rocky Horror Picture Show On Glee (that's next week's topic)


So uh, apperently I forgot to write a blog last week? Whoopsy, my bad :| I apologize to those no
body who read this (by no body I dont mean that you're no bodies... just that no body reads this
So what has happened since last blog...?
Well I went to Pumpkin Fest. For anyone who is within the area of Port Elgin (South hampton,
Owen Sound) and anyone who is interested in extremely large pumpkins...? you know what I'm
talking about...
but those who aren't under those options... or who do live near there and are a crack baby who
lives in the basement and don't see sunlight often... well it's basically a fest where you go
around and look at... pumpkins... :}
I know, I know. It sounds really boring... but it's actually alot better than it sounds.. there's also
rides (funtastic rides ^^), and lots of candy (fudge :D), and elephant rides, and bird shows (with
hot british people ^^ :D), and awesome bands (*cough* Midtown cross *cough* facebook them
*cough* )and lots of cool clothes and other such things to buy... it's pretty much amazing.
I've gone every year since like 1999, and I'm still not bored of it... really you have to be there,
and I highly suggest you do... it's the first weekend of october, every year, and so worth the low
entrance fee of $8 :)

Also, this week I've been super crazy, lots of essays and exams and ahhhhhhh!!!!!-ness.
Plus there's my sister who's like freaking out cuz she's going to graduate this year, but she
doesn't want to come back next year, but she's not sure she wants to go to university yet. What
do you think she should do, go back, or go on? Or should she do Katimavik?
Which is a volunteer-ish place where you get to go some place/s in canada and learn about that
area, while helping doing stuff in that town and such, from what I can tell/ hear... but she kinda
is undecisive about that too.
She's not good at decisions, and I don't want to make them for her... what do you think?

Anyone see Glee? Yeah, I thought so.
Who else totally agrees that Sam is gay? ME TOO :D
I SOOOO want him and Kurt together <3 Screw Quinn and Sam... Quinn should be with Puck <3
ftw :D
I wanted him to be with Finn at the beginning... did you not see the eye sex in Empire State of
Mind? And why was Finn watching him in the shower? It's totally like Finn and mr. Shu... they
totally WANT to be together, but the show just WON'T LET THEM ahh :P
How rude, they're all CLEARLY gay :D


For those like me who can't live without spoilers:

I read somewhere, before the season started that:
-the new football kid was gay
-that the new gay guy would be Kurt's new boyfriend
-either Artie or Puck would not be returning to the show

So what I've now concluded is:
-Sam is the new gay football player; cuz clearly the show is going for every high school cliche
every, so why exclude the hot gay football player?
-But they said that Kurt's boyfriend storyline is being pushed back, so it will probably be
extended out as long as possibly... :( They'll probably put Sam and Quinn together, and then
have the whole difficulty coming out/ cheating on her with Kurt thing, and then someone will
out him... booring, he should just save us some time and come out :)
-Puck is the goner; they gave Artie a new interesting story line right off the bat... and broke up
Puck and Quinn, and without Quinn Puck is screwed... aside from being extremely hot. <3 But
since Artie does have that storyline, and Puck has nothing, and he's now "in jail" I'm pretty sure
he's the goner :'(

************************END OF SPOILER!!!!********************

What else had I wanted to discuss? I haven't seen the rest of Gossip Girl... but I have one

Vampire Diaries: What's happening...? Elena and Stefan are fighting... stupid, Katherine's not
stupid, she'll see through it...
And Katherine and Tyler's uncle?! DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!!!!!! WTF?
Did anyone see that coming? WHOA!! EW, no.
You know who should be together... Tyler and Jeremy :D I didn't used to be really for them, but
now I am more and more (I used to want Jeremy and Damon together... after Anna *RIP* died
of course, cuz if she was alive he'd CLEARLY be with her...but she's dead, and Damon tried to kill
him, so that's not really happening...) But they're becoming buddies now, so who really
knows...? hehe

My gosh, I keep pairing gay couples together... oh well, that's what I do hehe.
I pair other people together *cough* puck and quinn/ finn and rachel/ brooke and nathan/
peyton and jake/ jeremy and anna/ elena and damon/ stefan and elena, or stefan and caroline
(they're growing on me... but I still really love Caroline and Matt, so I'm still torn :S)/ etc...
I just enjoy pairing gay couples more... they're less obvious, and therefore funner ^^
But also, when they put obvious hints it's just called for... like Merlin/Arthur.. really they're just
a give in, even Colin Morgan and Bradly James say so...

It's also secretly cuz I miss my couples... Luke/Noah and Luke/Reid :'( I want them back, and
Justin/Brian... my gosh Brian Kinney = sex walking ^^

If anyone out there secretly loves me they will find out what the name of that house that Brian
buys for Justin season 5... I think episode 11 or 12? It is the awesomest house ever... next to the
Glenridge Hall (from the Vampire Diaries... ohmigod, my mouth waters looking at it) or where it
is, cuz i wanna cyber stalk it, or go see it ^^
Or you could buy it/ or Glenridge Hall for my birthday? ;D haha just kidding, they'd cost ALOT.
But I'd like to know more about them :)

But really that's about it for now... I don't really have anything else to say.
And ps I know I said in like the first blog that I was going to have a twilight/ harry potter
comparison blog...and then never did. Well I will soon... or now. I feel like now ^^

Ok, short I guess, maybe a longer one later.

So Harry Potter is clearly better...
I don't mind both. I definitely read them both intently, so it's not like I disliked Twilight or
anything... I just thought that the only good part was Alice and Jasper ^^ For sure Eclipse

Jasper: "You've kept me waiting a long time" she said.
Alice: And you ducked your head like a good Southern gentleman and said "I'm sorry ma'am"
Jasper: You held out your hand, and I took it without stopping to make sense of what I was
doing. For the first time in almost a century, I felt hope.

If that's not the cutest thing in the entire world than I don't know what is.

You see, that's the difference between Harry Potter and Twilight; Twilight has more of a
romantic theme, it's all about Bella and Edward's love, and what happens to them during their
relationship. That's what brings people in, their love for each other, despite the fact that he's a
vicious vampire who wants to eat her... kinda like Vampire Diaries, huh?
While Harry Potter, for the first six books at least, was all about Harry and his live, what he's
going through; having to go to Hogwarts and realize he's a wizard, that there's a world outside
of the Dursley's closet (*cough* Harry's so gay *cough* Look up nerimon on youtube... Alex Day
will explain everything :P), and his relationship with his friends, and his parents friends, and his
fight to defeat Voldemort. That's really the driving force, not two silly teenagers who fight over
who loves who more, and whether Bella will be a vampire or not, it's whether Harry will defeat
Voldemort or not.
Not really meaning to bash Twilight, cuz clearly like everyone else I eat those books up, I bought
all five of them (I haven't read Brie's yet though...) and I was on one team or another (Clearly
Team Edward... for the books, Team Jacob for the movie... Taylor Lautner really stepped up for
that role, I gasped when he came on screen... that rain scene OHMIGOD!!) and I wanted Bella
and Edward to stay together.
Though obviously I wanted Jasper... man oh man, if I could find a real life version of him, I would
marry him in a heart beat!!
But also, once Harry and Ginny got together/ Hermione and Ron the books just took that extra
step of awesomness.. I'm actually highly upset that they didn't convey Harry and Ginny in the
movie the same way in the movie... kind like how horrible the third movie was ruined with the
Maurauders... that book was the best one because of them, and they basically cut it all out -.-
WTF. Honestly? Ew.
I hope at least they'll make it all better with the 7th one... I'm actually glad that they're making
it two parts... kinda like twilight, odd, huh?
But they're putting it in 3D? Really? And to top it off, they're not making it into 3D, they're
putting the 3D on after... the worst kind of 3D possible... it has never worked out well... theyre
gonna ruin it... the 3rd and the 7th are my favourite books, and they're gonna ruin them both :'(
Kinda like how they ruined my favourite line in Eclipse :'(
I don't really know what to say else, I guess I'll have to add more in a longer version, cuz I
already talk too much, and this part was an extra part, so it's really long now... my bad :P
Any suggestions on things I should mention/ dispute?
Other topics to dispute/ complain about... I'm really good at it... It may not seem so, but I can
be haha.
I will have more next week... hopefully this time I won't forget, I hadn't realized I had last week,
so my appologizies, you know how school is... -.-
talk to ya later :D <3


  1. edakdjasl WHAAAAT? Puck can't leave! Nuuuu.

  2. Wow I don't read comments enough...
    so yeah, obviously he's already left...
    Mark Salling went on tour, which is why Puck's in juvy...but he's coming back next week :D during the "Never been Kissed" episode :D:D