Friday, November 12, 2010

Brain fart :/

I just remembered that I was supposed to do a blog 2 days ago... ehhh...
So punishments, I gets one now! (or do I, are we doing strikes or just to punishment, let me know!)

In other news...
(also I can't do math, I've been thinking it's in 5 days for the past hour)

I'm really excited, I finished my lovely Hufflepuff scarf earlier this week. Also, we have started the HPA chapter at my school and are hosting a Lumos party!! Awesomeness. This will be my midnight release and it is going to be amazing!!

Nanowrimo.... sooooooo behind, but I will finish this year!!! Tomorrow I'm just going to write all day.  Now for some (maybe) sleep and a day full of writing. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!



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