Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So sorry guys, crazy day yesterday.
Today I am going to write a brief bit about the Giants because I am a loyal bayarian and I do love my team. So then. The Giants won yesterday. IT ROCKED. I actually joined several thousand of the other bay area citizens who were gathered around civic center for the last innning or so. That was crazy intense. And then they won. And two hours later, there were still cars honking when they passed city hall, and it had been just enough time for people to get crazy drunk, and everything was quite entertaining.

I saw Nicole Krauss speak this week. She's a very interesting person. Her writing is so amazing. It's strange to think that one person can be so brilliant. Her new novel looks promising, even though i'm only twenty pages in.

WH Auden was a bright, though very obnoxious, man. He was a poet in the 1940s. He had a lot of trouble with time and war and relationships, like every poet. I think i'll get back to reading his work later. It might have been a mistake to check out his entire collected works.

November is here, and we're almost at fifty. CONGRATS! I don't think that I should choose a theme for this week, since all I can think about is the Giants and baseball, and 20% of our writers don't live in the US. So I'm going to let whoever wants it take the theme this week.

Should we possibly follow suit with all the other collabs out there and create punishments for late posts?? I think maybe not, but if you have like over ten or something we could make you write a five thousand word short story about a topic of our choice. that sounds fun.


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