Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nerd day!

Hey guys!
So, I agree with Rachel. I think we should start punishing people who have failed to update on time! (Speaking of which, ironically enough, we don't have a Monday post again. *eyeballs missing spot*) But I think each person should have three strikes, and if they get six, nine, twelve, etc. strikes than the punishment ups one level in embarrassment each time. Thoughts, thoughts?

Last Friday was dress up day at my school, specifically, Nerd Day.

I take a bit of offense to the theme in that 1) nerds don't really dress like that and 2) people think it's not cool to be a nerd. Every time I heard someone crack a "nerd!" joke, I would yell back "WHAT'S WRONG WITH BEING A NERD!?" which they would respond by looking at me funny and walking away.

I know the point of Nerd Day isn't to make fun of nerds. It's just a really easy dress up to do for people who can't participate in the more complicated ones like Superhero Day or Disney Character Day, etc. But STILL. It's not insulting to be a nerd! Embrace your inner nerd-ship!

I was wearing my nerdfighters shirt (the one from teefury) proudly :D I also had a presentation in English that day. When I finished, I walked back to my seat when a girl I usually don't talk to went...
GIRL: Pssst! Sandy!
ME: *looks over*
GIRL: *flashes sign* DFTBA!
and I was so in shock all I could do was smile awkwardly and flash the nerdfighters sign back.

I was thinking since next week Harry Potter 7 comes out, we could do a HP theme? Or, if you haven't read HP, a magic/fantasy theme. Just throwing that out there. And speaking of Harry freakin' Potter, tonight's episode of Glee is going to have Darren Criss guest starring!

Lastly, this is a picture of me in my Nerd Day outfit.
No, I didn't cut off my head. I was born headless.

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