Thursday, November 4, 2010

That wasn't flying! That was...falling with style!!


That’s “I’m reeeeeeeeeealllllllyyyyy” sorry; in Hello, a new language I just made up so you thought I was cool.
I’m sorry, I’ve been SUUUUUUUUUUUPER busy. Why does school have so much homework? :’( I hate how much stuff I have to do, who knew it would be this hard? Rawr -.-

I don’t have much to report on, cuz obviously I’ve been so busy, that I haven’t watched anything…
I’ve watched part of the last Gossip Girl, but I had skipped an episode, so I’m kinda confused… this whole treaty thing is dumb…they should just go have make up sex and get back together ^^

And I watched Glee: Rocky Horror Picture Show…fail. Just sayin. Except for:
Kurt: So what are you going as for Halloween?
Brittany: A peanut allergy.
[How the heck do you do that?! I loooooove Brittany ^^]
RHPS is like my favourite movie…next to like four ever movies… but it’s my favourite stupid movie…It’s sooooo epic, and awesome…and NO ONE can top TIM CURRY…EVER…. He was so incredibly epic that there are no words. Legit. No words.
And putting Mercedes as Frank N. Furter was just….not correct. The only person they could have had was TIM CURRY… except he’s kind of ugly now :\
Time Warp made me cringe….actually. The Brad and Janet song isn’t that bad.
The only song that I actually liked was Touch Me… Emma was pretty awesome at it. I wasn’t surprised the actress who plays her auditioned with that song, because she did it pretty well, very deserving of letting her on the show cuz of it lol.
And any song where Will ends up shirtless is a good song :D
AND OMG…Did ya’ll see PUCK’s coming back :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I’m sooooo excited. I thought he was gonna be on tour for the rest of the season, but now I’m freaking out, YAYAYAYAYAYAY PUCK :D
Ps. For everyone who hasn’t noticed: he IS in fact my FAVOURITE character :D <3

And then there’s Life Unexpected… KERR SMITH :D
Whoops, that wasn’t a sentence… hehe ^^
I’ve wanted to start watching this show for a while, like last year, cuz that’s when it started, but I didn’t know it had just started last year, so I figured there was a bunch of seasons and I would be very behind, so I didn’t watch it. Now I’m behind, only by a season though, which isn’t as much as I thought, but even so, considering I’m only on episode 3 lol. But I already love it ^^
I love Lux (who’s gonna be in that new Disney movie Avalon High, from Meg Cabot’s book by the same name [I LOVE her!! She’s like my favourite author…if they ever make a movie of All American Girl I’m soooo gonna be in it!!] but I’m afraid I’m gonna ruin it…the guy who plays Will is kinda ugly, and the girl who plays Jenn has a funn hair colour…well actually they all have funny hair colours… =[ )
And obviously I LOVE Ryan…by my out burst of Kerr Smith’s name (Jack McPhee from Dawson’s Creek ^^) despite his small boring role, there’s a slight chance he’s my favourite character :D
I also love this show because it has so many awesome people I know and love… Dev (from Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist), and Lexi from Vampire Diaries…and someone else? I don’t remember, but I remember they were someone I liked.

And personal note: Anyone who’s in university; which school do you go to: IN CANADA…and why do you like it there/ pick to go there?
My sister’s trying to decide where to go, and see can’t really pick lol. Plus, if one of you is very convincing you may get to meet her next year hehe ^^

And raise your hand if you have Teenage Dream in your head?
*raises hand*
I used to hate that song, much like a lot of Katy Perry’s song ( Peacock -.-) …but it’s actually growing on me…strange :\
Katy Perry is slightly amazing I guess….lol I’m listening to her right now…but it’s kind of turned down because I’m watching Vicor of Dibley, which trumps KP…sorry KP fans…if you’ve never seen this show you are VERY VERY deprived…
It’s an old British show…I believe I mentioned it before, but it’s worth mentioning more than once!!
It’s the best British show next to Bits of Fry and Laurie…look up ‘Your name sir?’
You will in fact laughyourassoff. :D hahaha

So that’s all for today I suppose…because I can’t think of anything to say… sorry…:\

Except ps. I’m sorry if I’m a boring person…I don’t mean to be, but sometimes I can be… and I talk about the same things all the time, so I guess that can be rather boring…if someone would like to make some suggestions as to what I should talk about, that would be awesome :D

and pss. I totally forgot to mention all the Disney movies I've been watching, and want to talk about how awesome they are...*cough* Toy Story *cough*...some of which had recent releases...that I REALLY badly want :(
Oh, and the new T-Swift album...which I also want, but have already heard cuz youtube is awesome ^^
See now you have great reasons to come back next week hehe :)

Ttyl :D <3

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