Thursday, November 18, 2010


this is not late
suck on that

o ps. esther, if this you..
it's igraine.

You knwo what i think?
soaps ruin couples

if they could just leave them alone everyone could be friends
but no they ahve to ruin it
and then everyone is sad

and it's just not fair
i dont even think that elizabeth and lucky should be a couple any more
i might have before
and i might again
but they just shouldnt

they were good as teenagers
becuase they fit
lucky was hot
and liz needed somone to help her get through some stuff

i have been watching this
way too much

it just makes me sad that they arent together
wehn they look so good liek this

lucky should NOT cry
but he's so beautiful when he does
JJ has this way of making himslef look so pained and emotional
but so legit at the same time
taht you just want to hug him and love him

you know i dont even care about what happened between them when JJ wasnt there
and i dont think they shouild have brought JJ back
even tho im soo happy that they did
cuz hes soo hot
but it just made the whole circle worse.

they have each made soem bad decisions
but mostly i think that it's liz's fault
cuz shes just stupid and manipulative.
she made him get with her
and then she made me hate her.
while i dont think that he should have been with sarah
i dont think that he should got with elizabeth

but it was important that she had someone to get through the stuff the stupid writers put her through. ..
ok im kinda done/
this was partially taken from : magi143emmykat

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