Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nitwit! Oddment! Blubber! Tweak!

It is t-minus 25 hours until I will be watching Deathly Hallows Part 1!!!! asdfddjfljdlsk!!
I'm riddiklusly pumped!

So my lovely Harry Potter Alliance stuff which I have been rambling about, we will be running what is called a Lumos Party at the theater we will be going to. Basically at a Lumos Party we will be trying to get people to sign the petition ( if you haven't already!) to make Time Warner chocolate fair trade. I have spent the last couple of days *cough* not doing homework *cough* and preparing for this release by listening to livestreams and jamming out to wizard rock/the soundtracks to the movies and printing out/creating flyers and other materials for the release. We are lucky, I heard about some theaters which will charge you to bring a petition in or worse yet, prohibit entirely. They are setting up a table for us and the rules for us are that we can't go up to people, they have to come up to us.

Basically my whole week has rocked because of tomorrow night, even with some not so fun stuff going on, like in class essays and other stupid homework assignments. (Who needs homework when you're working to change the world!?)

Everything is turning into one big Harry Potter reference and I love it. Harry Potter is one of my passions (you may have picked this up, haha) and it is so awesome that everything seems to revolve around it right now.

I also was introduced to Harry Potter through read aloud! In 3rd grade my teacher started reading Sorcercer's Stone to us. We finished around the time of the release of the 2nd movie. At the time I was afraid of movies (and sometimes even the books, I would hide under a desk, cause I was cool like that), so when my class took a trip to see the movie I didn't join them. This resulted in us never reading the second book and just moving onto the third, my favorite. Though because of this confusing reading cycle I was confused for many years of my life which book was the second and what exactly happened in that year!

I love that some people are calling our generation the Harry Potter Generation because it is such a defining part of my childhood and life now. I know that when I look back on my Junior year of high school, I won't think of the author paper or Fishbowl's in English class, but I'll definitely remember the Harry Potter Alliance and the release of this movie.

So yeah... Harry Potter, this is my kind of week!

Me decked out in my Hufflepuff stuff!


And the Weapon we have is Love!

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