Monday, September 27, 2010

Thrift shops.

            So in addition to blogday, Monday is also thriftshopjobday. Meaning that I volunteer for a couple hours at this thrift store downtown. People bring in the weirdest stuff. Today, we received an entire bag of bras in the same size, all of them unused. I've seen dog mussels, an entire set of sewing books made in the seventies, paper bags, lingerie that I swear was made in the twenties and....a breast pump. I love just chillin in the back and pricing stuff like that. What do you charge for a pair of dinosaur socks? I don't know either. Those things are priceless. The ladies I work with are super awesome too. They're mostly retired, and they've all worked there for like ten years. We listen to light rock radio stations and gossip about random stuff.
          Then there's the people who go into the shop. A guy came in and needed a shirt. He lost his...? There's some people who come in and shop for like three hours once a week. There's people who try and barter down prices. It's a thrift shop. The proceeds go to charity. Come on. That's like trying to steal candy from babies. Not nice. There's small children who break things. People buy wedding dresses, underwear, self-help books, bibles, and way too many ugly sweaters. It's a nice place to work. My goal is to one day find somewhere like that and get paid. Not that I don't mind volunteering, just that I could afford to buy everything I saw that I liked a little more if there was monetary compensation for it.

So I think that's it. Sorry for the short post. I have a lot of work to do this week.

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  1. That sounds like a cool place to volunteer! Like a really, really, really big pile of treasure!