Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rachel's Challenge

Why is it that when I get a ridiculously small amount of sleep (3 hrs) I have better days? Yes, I'm expecting you to have the answer... well, no, I'm not, but merg.

Anyway, today was interesting because I was running on three hours sleep and still managed to have a functioning day. (I only had problems in Math where I actually could have fallen asleep!)

So part of the strange experience of today is that we had an assembly where we had a presentation on Rachel Scott, who was the first person to be killed in the shootings at Columbine in 1999. The idea of it is that Rachel had a code of ethics which included looking for the best in people and that an act of kindness can start a chain reaction. 

Just take a moment and think about how old you were when those shootings happened. I was five years old. That totally blows my mind in its own right. I know people die every day but to be reminded that 13 people lost their lives on that day when I was just starting out in my own life, it reminds me of how fragile life is and how precious.

I don't think I can capture what it felt like in that auditorium. We weren't petty high school students anymore. There were no decepticons, there were just teenagers moved by a girl's life. It was strange to feel that amount of respect in my high school. I wish I could freeze things there in that room, with that feeling, because there is so much of high school that is about turning everything into a joke and respect is such a nice change.

I don’t want this turn into some preachy blog, I’m just trying to capture that auditorium somehow, that respect we lose in the everyday of high school life. Any thoughts TBA-ers?

So girls, DFTBA because I think that’s an act of kindness that can help decrease WorldSuck everywhere.


Rachel and her brothers Mike and Craig

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