Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Last Thursday of Freedom

I'm sitting here at my friend's house and we are chatting away and out of no where (well really it was a discussion about the vlogbrothers/ nerdfightaria) I remember that I have not completed the blog.
I'm sorry.
So I don't even know what I want to talk about.
More about me?
I went on myspace this week. For the longest time I couldn't remember the password so I just went in and asked them to reset my password. So I'm pretty happy about that. I am one of those people that still likes myspace. I was a late joiner so I never got the full effect and am still clinging to the hope that it will come back. I like myspace. What's better than free music. Well i guess you can get that on youtube but it takes more time because you have to find a video that I like and stuff. Plus I get another blog there. So now I can stop talking about like pop culture on my livejournal blog and talk about it back on my myspace blog. Yeah.. I separate what I talk about on blogs... im a weird NO I'm a NERD :P
I start my first day on University on Monday OMG.
I am super.. i don't know what. I seriously have no idea what my feelings are. Excited? Nervous? Ready? I don't know!!
I'm going into English (can you tell?.. i am so not a grammar nazi) and I have a whole bunch of elective courses which I think will be really cool. I'm still living at home so no real big change there. But still it's a new step.

Shameless self promotion? Do we have a problem with that? I don't remember anything being said about it..if so leave a comment.
LJ: magi143emmykat magi's merlin
youtube: emmy143magi OR magi134ema(which i dont update anymore but use for favourites and stuff) OR my collab vlog: ClearlyMagical (with my 2 bestfriends and our names are changed...but we are taking a time off until sept 21)
myspace: magi134ema (i think)

so i think ill leave it at that.. not very long but I figure i should have this up before it gets to late.
LOVE .. remember to share it cuz it's not yours to keep.


  1. You should be excited about university!! You will be wonderful!!
    AND YAY! You promoted the vlog :P :D

  2. ofcourse i promoted the vlog :) it's a nerdfighterly thing :)