Thursday, September 16, 2010


It’s THURSDAY :D… that’s my day!! (laughoutloud, I just wrote name and then erased it… apparently I got a name change :S :P)
Me and Joesph Birdsong both have THURSDAYS… excited? ME TOO :D (He’s from 5AwesomeGays… on youtube, if you didn’t know. Ps) My sister, the awesome one, thinks that Tyler’s better, and she watches Joe with me cuz he and Steven are so cute together… but I like Joe. ^^
Soooooo… anyways…. Have you guys seen The New Guy? AKA the best movie ever?
I love this movie with a passion… its pretty awesometastic. :D I love Gil Harris, I want him ;)
And I love Simple Plan… yeah, that’s how I found out about the movie, my sister, the awesome one, loves Simple Plan, so she was watching their music video “I’m just a kid” (awesome song btw) and saw the name and then we watched the movie at our friend’s house… and BAM… I fell inlove hehe.
Yeah I’m watching it right now, that’s why… DON’T JUDGE ME, RAWR!!
…wow, that sounded violent… I’m sorry :(
I want the soundtrack, it’s so awesome… Simple Plan, Green Day, Bowling For Soup… can’t get much better than that  Well yeah… but close enough, SHHHH!! :P

So… anyways… Did anyone see the new OneTreeHill, or VampireDiaries, or GossipGirl?
Really? ME TOO :D


Ok, VD first: AHHH I feel bad for/ HATE Damon Salvatore. I LOVED him… but now I’m so mad at him. He attempted to kill my favourite character… I love Jeremy, and Damon is a butt for getting mad that no one loves him and taking it out on Jeremy :(
Though on the other hand I feel REALLY bad for him… what’s so special about Stefan (other than everything?) Not meaning I don’t LOVE Stefan… I’m so Elena/Stefan… but I’m also Elena/ Damon… I like both of them :S
But like yeah, why doesn’t Damon get anybody :( I think he should be with Bonnie or Jeremy ^^ :P
Oh, and I really hope Caroline doesn’t die, cuz I’ll cry, I love her and Matt almost as much as I loved Jeremy and Anna (who I wish they some how managed to bring back), but she had the Vampire blood in her when Katherine killed her, right? So it only makes sense…

Ok, OTH… Well… Ahhhhh. I’m so upset about Clay/Quinn… not their coupling of course, I love them, they’re so much better than Lucas/ Peyton… that’s probably because I hate Peyton.
Except when she was with Jake… I’m all for Jake/Peyton. And Brooke/Lucas… but really, secretly I like Nathan/Brooke so much better, even better than Nathan/Haley, and I love them cuz they’re cute ^^ woot woot for them having another kid. Haha they did a lovely job with Jamie and the sex talk. *Sarcasm*
I was legit closing my eyes when he and Chuck were looking up that stuff up on the computer… I feel bad for their poor little eyes… that’s probably the last things they expected to see… that’s what you get when you take the parental lock off your computer kids!!
Wait… no. That’s what happens when you give your 8 year old a cellphone and computer!! Good job guys…
I never had any of that stuff until like… three years ago laughoutloud. JamieLucasScott is sooo spoiled, I wish I was their kid :)

Wow offtopic… what was I saying? Oh… nothing, it was basically the same thing… except *I <3 Brathan :)*

Don’t know why I kept that there ^? :S Laughoutloud.

MyOhGod… I never really thought Brooke would be arrested!! In the preview I thought it was like a Bachlorette thing… I HATE her mom, she’s such a Ho. She badddddd for lying, and MILLIE… what the heck was she thinking letting Vichorria do that?! I’ve been so mad at Millie since she started doing drugs. Especially when she and Mouth broke up… they’re still broke up, right? Is he still with Miss. Lauren? What happened to Skills? Didn’t he move away or something? Man, I forgot a bunch. :(

But I love Julian, he was so funny in this episode with the whole Grease2 thing… who else is a HUGE Grease2 fan like me and Julian?
My sister, the awesome one, thinks it’s better than the first one… I don’t agree… but it’s still awesome. Michael Carrington <3 I loooooove him.
I really hope they stay together, I hope they don’t get messed up like everyone else Brooke’s been with.
Speaking of people Brooke’s been with MOG CHASE!!
What is wrong with him… Mia wants him back… go back to her!! They were the CUTEST couple on the whole darn show!! I loved them.
Ps. Mia’s my favourite character. Kate Voegele forthewin :D I love her, like a girlcrush kinda way, I watch her on youtube and read her blog, but only own one of her albums :( I wish I had gotten it later, because then I’d have Forever and Almost Always… which is my favourite song by her… and like my second favourite song ever… but I was too impatient, and excited ^^
I may seem like I’m stalkerish… but that’s my love for her… can’t wait to see more of her on OTH… *cough* and see her and Chase back together, not him with that Ho, Alex *cough*, and to see her new album!!

Ok, GG rant’s gonna be short cuz this is a year long, plus there’s more below…
K, so… Georgina’s a Ho, duh, but Dan should be with Vanessa!!
Serena being same old same old Serena…
What was happening in Nate’s *manslut* room at the end? I’m confused/ don’t remember…
But yeah, he did basically nothing all episode, why was he there again? He might as well have been in Paris making out with Serena… would have made the episode better for the two of them.
Blair was being the same old Blair-has-to-be-jealous-of-Serena-all-the-freakin-time… she totally should have been smarter than that and realized that it was clearly a trick between the prince and the cardriver… even my sister, the awesome one, realized that… and they call her Dilemma (Delayed Emma).
…she really needs to get back together with Chuck. I wanted to die when she said that her whole body hurts. :(
And then the stupid idiot Chuck Bass was a retard pretending to be someone else and going out with Fleur from Harry Potter… really?
*Ooh, I’m Chuck Bass, my girlfriend hates me, I got shot, I’m gonna pretend to be someone else, I’m a big fat loser*
Violent. I know. Sorry :} I love them.

Wow, I love way too many characters :| Eeek. Just wait Til AsTheWorldTurns ends!!

MOG… Ok, I wasn’t gonna include this cuz this is becoming like a novel… But I NEED to add this!!

Ok, LukeandNoah lovers? Anyone out there?
MOG… anyone see the episode today? Ahhh… Last JakeSilbermann scene EVER!! I’m gonna miss him sooo much. Tomorrow’s gonna be crap without LukeandNoah… they already killed off Reid, what else is there to live for?!
…oh yeah LUKE SNYDER :D
But anyways… LukeandNoah yumminess today!! I loved it… Noah was so cute; I used to hate him for a while there when he was being bitchy. But I loved how he wanted to stay just for Luke… I really hope in the future they get married ^^
And that kiss… did not expect that, I figured he’d be backing off from Luke cuz he knew he loved Reid, but I’m glad he did it too, I would have been mad in the near future thinking back on it and thinking about how they didn’t have one last kiss. Especially if they intend to keep their Supercouple status… with they will cuz they’re awesome and meanttobe.
Though to be truthful, I did like Ruke for a while there, but I’m still a Nuke fan through and through… especially if Reid’s dead and there’s no chance of him coming back… >.>
But of course it’s a soap, and that could have just been a trick and really that was his twin brother Beid pretending to be him, and really Reid went to the hospital and was yelling at those other doctors this whole time…? Hmmm? Reva on Guiding Light came back from cancer, falling off a cliff, and many other things… ^.-

Yeah, so that’s about it this week… sorry it’s so long… hopefully it’s worth it, and it’s actually good :) If not… oops, sorry.

Oh PS about VD/ DamonSalvatore… I’m still mad at him about Lexi (I’m watching a music video and saw her, and I thought of this). Lexi was in ONE episode and she’s my FAVOURITE character (sorry, violent again, laughoutloud, but I wanted to emphasize my girlcrush on her). I love her and Stefan’s relationship, and I love her actress, and I love the character as a whole. If I could be anyone in the world, it would so be her :) (minus the dying part). So another reason for my new found hatred for DamonSalvatore… he kills/ attempts to kill all my favourite characters :( Not including himself… though he probably has done that too before the show…

And PPS. I totally love the Salvatore house… AKA Glenridge Hall.. yeah I love it just as much as I love Lexi… I looked it up, and I know A LOT about it… as in I want it!! If it was in Canada and I had lots of money… oh man. It’s officially my new favourite place ever… does it not look like an awesome house? I drool watching the show… I’m drooling now typing this haha.

And PPSS. To anyone who feels differently/ offended… I’m sorry :( You can have a lovely argument about it with me, I love those ^^ :)

PPPSS. Did you know the whale that played Free Willy, his name was Keiko (Spelling?)… Yeah he died apparently in 2003, 26 years old… I’m just heard about this legit right now… they released him into the wild, and he died cuz he couldn’t find him family. NO FREAKIN DUH… he’s been living in captivity all his life… how the hell is he supposed to know what to do?
Ugggh that’s angering… I love that movie :( And that whale :( RIP.

…Yeah that’s it for today :P :)

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