Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's NOT Wednesday

As you may have noticed today is not Wednesday, today is, in fact Thursday. I have in the third week of this project managed to completely forget to post. I was just about to go to bed tonight and I'm like, oh yeah, today's Thursday... Thursday? Crap, yesterday was Wednesday! *facepalm*

I don't know if this blog will be terribly interesting but here it is in its late glory. 

My story of the day is on positive pranking. So about a day or two before Amy Cross Rosenthal's blog on positive pranking and John's subsequent video my friend and I had the idea to put sticky notes on everyone's locker in our school with nice things on them like: Don't forget your sheer awesomeness or You are a completely amazing person, never forget that! things like that. Needless to say I completely spazzed out over the idea of positive pranking in Nerdfigtheria. We are both really excited about this project and are going to talk to the school administration on Monday about it.

It's code name is SPIT (Secret Post IT) and so if you think I'm getting overly excited over saliva, this might be why ;) 

anybody else up to any positive pranking?

Happy Wednesday-On-A-Thursday-That's-Nearly-A-Friday!!!



  1. Okay so I saw John's vlog and was like "I DO STUFF LIKE THAT." Totally made my life. I like doing things like leaving mix cds in bookstore books and friendship bracelets on fire hydrants.

  2. And also that's really freaking amazing. I'm going to do that. :)