Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday: Stale bread and secrets

                So it's Monday again, which means another post from yours truly. So what to write about? Good question.
                 So let's start with the basics. For breakfast I had a stale bagel that refused to toast. It was a very naughty circle of bread. For lunch I had an improvised burrito with creamed corn. (there is absolutely nothing good in my fridge at the moment). I went swimming in a snow melt river. It made me feel brave and rather numb. I went swimming and got yet another sun burn. I rode in a car that smelled like wet dog for several hours. I read Postsecret. There we go. Something to talk about.
                 If you don't know postsecret, it's basically an ongoing art project where people from all over send in their secrets on the back of postcards every week to this man named Frank. He looks through them, finds the most interesting, and posts them on a blog every Sunday. It started out with Frank wandering around giving out postcards, but now Frank's had to hire interns and has speaking engagements throughout the year. It turns out that people really like sending a stranger their secrets. Maybe it's because Frank doesn't mind if they killed a dog, it wasn't his dog. Or maybe it's because it's just freeing to know that someone read your secret finally and it doesn't have to just be yours anymore. Personally, I like that explanation best. Secrets are better when there's more than one person who knows. It's like this play called everything I really needed to know I learned in kindergarten. There was a scene where someone said that secrets were like that game sardines. It's more fun when you're hiding with people. (Hiding games are fun in general either way, but metaphorically...yeah)
                Anyway, I hope this week was marginally better than last week. If it wasn't, leave your complaints in the comments.

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