Friday, September 3, 2010

The Friday Before the Tuesday of My DOOM

Ello. I'm Anna. And I have no idea how to do this. Well, I guess I'll start by following Sandy's advice, and telling you guys five random facts about me;

Five Random Facts About Me

1. I am quite proud of the fact, at 5' 5", I am taller than my mother.
2. I'm teaching myself ukulele, which is quite hard considering the fact that I don't know how to
3. I can play Eleanor Rigby on the piano, another thing of which I am quite proud of.

4. My favorite companion is Rose Tyler (not interesting if you don't watch Doctor Who).

5. Tom Milsom is probably my favorite YouTuber of all time. (
Ok, now then that's done, I have a Big Story to tell you. But first, I'd like to ask you all a question (which you don't have to answer if you don't feel like it). When was the first time you laughed out loud reading a book, and when was the first time you cried while reading a book. The first time I laughed out loud was when I was reading John Green's story in Let It Snow, and the first time I cried was when I was reading this book called Amazing Grace, although I'm not sure exactly why. Anyway, on to my Big Story!!!

The Big Story

Firstly, to understand this Story, you have to know what Marquette is. Marquette (pronounced Market, for those who are interested) is a fairly big city that is about a two hour drive from my town, making it the closest big city to where I live. People go there to get braces, special shopping trips, etc. Moving on to the Story. So my dance teacher (I've been taking ballet since I three) called a couple days ago to tell me that I could go on pointe this year, thus needing pointe shoes. As this is a Big Moment in my dance career, I was/am very exited. But since I needed pointe shoes that were fitted very specifically to my feet, a trip to Marquette was in order. So yesterday, me, my mom, and my little brother got in our purple van and drove off into the sunrise. I'll skip over the trip and actually getting fitted with pointe shoes, since they involve a lot of sitting, my brother being annoying, and me repeatedly putting on shoes, standing up, sitting down, standing up again, going on my toes, etc. etc. So yeah, I now have a shiny new pair of pink satin shoes, which I love to death. Moving on with my Story, we also had to go clothes shopping for my freshman year of high school (more on that later). So we went to the mall and stuff, then we stopped at Target. I saw this fedora on a shelf (sorry I couldn't find a bigger image);
Naturally, I put it on and started dancing around while humming the tune to Smooth Criminal. Seeing my strange but awesome display of madness, my mom told me if I wore that hat all the way through the Target parking lot to our car, she would buy it for me. I am now the proud owner of a back fedora. Yay! So that's pretty much all the interesting parts of my trip to Marquette.
So, high school. As you may not know, I have been homeschooled all my life, until now. I have decided to give public school a try, and so next Tuesday, I will have my first day of public school ever! (Hence the title of this post.) I'm very exited, and pretty nervous too, but hopefully I'll be fine!
So that's all I wanted to say today, I hope I didn't bore you too much, and I'm looking forward to reading your posts in the weeks to come. Bye!


  1. Whenever you become a ukulele master, I propose that we create a theme song for our blog. Just putting that out there.

    As for school, well... there is no way to put this lightly: high school is DEATH. But see, if high school didn't suck we would fail at the rest of our lives. So, venture into Tuesday with full expectations to fail! Then once you get into the swing of things, you'll be glad that everything got so much better. (Which I think is applicable to any kind of situation, really XP...)

    Good luck!

  2. A theme song sounds like and exellent idea! I'll let you all know if I ever get this strumming thing down. And thanks for the advice/warning about high school. :D