Monday, September 20, 2010

Are You Just a Muse for my Musings?

             So last night I dreamed that the cellist who sits next to me in orchestra had like a billion identical twins. He doesn't talk much, so in real life, this would make sitting in a room with all of them extremely awkward. I just thought you should know that. I wonder what the kids taking psych would say about that...Maybe I've been eating too many turnips. (I hate turnips).
            So I just stopped writing that and spent about five minutes on a crappy dream dictionary. I still have no idea what type of dream that was. But it did totally ruin inception for me. All it was was one big, mutual, lucid dream. With Leo DiCaprio and Ellen Page. So a big, really cool mutual lucid dream.
And apparently dreams with acquaintances in them are parts of yourself you don't know well yet. Well. I guess I'm trying to get to know the quiet side of me. Hmm. And triplets means that I need to explore the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of myself. Sounds exciting.

Oh.... my title.
          No. I'm not having boy problems. I was thinking about the readers of this blog. I know there's us four  (we miss you already Anna!), but is there a fifth or sixth or maybe even a seventh? I'm really hoping for answers here guys. If you read this and do not actually post on the blog once a week, please make my day and leave a comment. I like to think that I'm writing to at least one person. Maybe two. Three is probably getting my hopes a little too high. Anyway, that's it for now. Have a lovely week.


  1. I have come to answer your call!

    I feel like I'm the only person who hasn't seen Inception yet ;~; it makes me feel all the more lame when everyone talks about how cool it is.

  2. I am reading this, and I'm don't post.
    I'm pen pals with Emily and she told me about it (after I shamelessly plugged my Youtube collab channel).
    I enjoy reading this all! You all write so differently, and it's awesome to read!