Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Scheduled Lateness

So I'm back from nowhere, aka the place without internet. The snow was nice, but I like the rain better, and I'm happy to be back somewhere where there's friends and people to chill with. So next week is fosho confessions/resolutions week, cos i think this time of year might be one when everyone needs it. Maybe. So I'll send out some sort of email or whatever and we can go from there.

Driving lessons soon. Exciting right? I'm almost able to get my permit, and I literally cannot wait. When I was little, my parents used to stop tantrums by driving me around parking lots. I don't know if that's why, but I'm always really calm in cars. I love just driving. I cant wait until I can start driving myself. There's a poem someone sent me once. I really love it. its called The Sacred

By Stephen Dunn

After the teacher asked if anyone had
   a sacred place
and the students fidgeted and shrunk
in their chairs, the most serious of them all
   said it was his car,
being in it alone, his tape deck playing
things he'd chosen, and others knew the truth
   had been spoken
and began speaking about their rooms,
their hiding places, but the car kept coming
   up, the car in motion,
music filling it, and sometimes one other person
who understood the bright altar of the dashboard
   and how far away
a car could take him from the need
to speak, or to answer, the key
   in having a key
and putting it in, and going. 

I think that says it all for the night. Confessions next week. Email time. Check yours. 

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