Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A story about a Bad Bad Blogger

So one sunday bad blogger decided to create a theme week. this theme week was supposed to be filled with lots and lots of confessions that meant something. Bad Blogger had even thought of a list in her head of what her confessions would be. Her post was due on monday. However, Monday after school Bad Blogger took a nap. Then Bad Blogger hung around a while. It was only then that Bad Blogger realized she had an early final to study for. Uh Oh. Bad Blogger then began studying. After that, she ate dinner. Then she went to yet another choir concert. Her brother had driven quite a distance to see it, and she was elated to see him. After the concert, they all ate a late dinner and Bad Blogger stayed up late chillin' with Big Brother. As you can see, monday came and went. Bad Blogger expects a punishment to be coming soon.

Bad Blogger is extremely apologetic for yet another mistake. She would like to open the floor for ideas on punishments, because she believes that she is not alone in her Badness, and would like to share something. Perhaps we could have a collaboration. That would be so exciting.  She announces that there is a new theme week plan. Not next week. Or the week after. Or the week after that. But the week of January 10thish is going to be confessions week. (You know, like new year's resolutions. but not.) Bad blogger would also like to suggest that someone create a resolutions theme week that is not about losing holiday weight. Maybe whoever posts on January 1st could do that. If they're awake and all after a late late night. Who else is on break? Not Bad Blogger. It's a little sad really, she is beginning to need it. Anyway, she thinks that this whole third person thing is really gross, and resolves NEVER to speak like this in real life, or to ever give herself names again. Until next week, Bad Blogger.

OOOH! A POST SCRIPT: Somebody please explain this exchange to me. Am I mailing a creation by next monday? UH OH

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