Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A bunch of things on a Tuesday.

I find it funny that the week after Ellen said: Yay! Everyone blogged this week... this week's Monday is missing, XD... IS THIS PUNISHMENT TIME? *evil maniacal glint in eye*

I think Emily's idea is cool. We should go through with it *nodnod* and it would be cool if we did it next week, so it'd kinda be like a Christmas-y thing? If there are no nay-sayers, we should post our exchanges next week, yes?

As of today, I'm officially on Christmas break. THANK GOODNESS. These past few weeks of school have probably been the most painful and excruciating I have ever faced D: My poor grades reflect my agony!

Is anyone planning on making a video for Project for Awesome? I've chosen a charity (Amnesty International) but I have no idea what to say about it. *scratches head* Help?

Also, I've been obsessed with the three music videos the Ministry of Magic has put up on youtube. The House Song has been stuck in my head all week. ALL WEEK. (I'm a Ravenclaw myself, btw. I don't think we ever asked each other what house we were in during that HP week- so WHAT HOUSES ARE YOU IN? [/random.])

Despite being on break, I actually have a lot of things to do (all Christmas related, haha!) So I can't blog for long.


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  1. How are we doing the christmasy thing? I'm very very confused.