Thursday, December 9, 2010


ok so the most horrible thing happened
over the last ..well since monday
it pretty much did not stop snowing for 3 days
and my city shut the fuck down
i couldnt go outside
and even my university closed
i missed all of the last classes before my exams so i dont know what's going on and im upset about it

so on sunday it started snowing
at about one in the after noon
and we barely made it home from church
and we couldnt go kill our tree

and on monday it was all white and it was still snowing
as in it had not stopped
and did not stop
took me twice the normal time to get to school
and when i got to school
only like half the normal amount of people were there
and then after the class......
the school was closed

and the next day the school was closed
because ..once again
it had not stopped snowing
ok it stopped snowing a couple times for like a super short about of time
but no i did not stop
every time i looked out the window it was snowing..
or i couldnt see outside

i live in the second storey of my house and there was so much snow
half my window is still covered up
and it's insane
and i hate living in canada

and the before tueday was even over they announced that my university would be closed on wednesday
and when i woke up on wed. it was no longer snowing
it was sunny
it was bright and sunny
and i was pissed

i live in canada
yes we had a metre of snow
but my mayor wanted to call a state of emergency
and my buses were closed for almost 2 days
and i live in canada
so this is ridiculous

so yesterday
it was great
but then it wasnt
and then it was again
it wasnt snowing
then it was
then it wasnt again
and i wnet outside
and i was happy
then i was wet

the snow in my backyard went up to my thighs
and it was amazing
and i lvoed it

it changes my mind
i love it
on sunday i loved it so much
and tuesday and wednesday i hated it

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