Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quick Bloggy

Tonight I have to write a lovely paper for English class on Huck Finn.
I needed to work on this before but instead I filmed bits for my Project for Awesome video (the Harry Potter Alliance) and thus I will be up late/up early to do this lovely paper. However I do not want to miss another blog.

As far as the gift exchange because Rachel expressed concerns about a fast approaching deadline on this maybe we could have the deadline be the end of the year. This might give everyone a little more breathing room (I know I might need that as well) Yay or nay?

Pretty much, my life is school, P4A (so excited!!) and work, gahh so much is going on and I haven't even had time to do Christmas shopping!

Oooh! One more exciting thing I'm going to go to the Yule Ball in Boston held by Harry and the Potters (hopefully *fingers crossed*) So that is my thing to look forward to for now.

On the note of house I give you:
Hufflepuff Pride!!

And House Song is one of my favorites from Magic is Might too, I also love Don't Leave, it's so catchy!

Okay spastic blog has come to an end and thus I must continue to work on my paper. *sigh*


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