Monday, December 6, 2010

Time to blog on monday!

This week, for the first time in a long time, I have time to blog! Woot.
So in my unusually unstructured time, i have discovered several new things. One is This, something i would love to try out on a very local scale. and another is very similar, but more like the guy and not the idea.
Another is, which is interesting if you think about harry potter and possibly draw a diagram.
I also ripped a few pages out of books (the ones in the back with the silly previews of next books, or the last pages of really really bad books), cut them up, made a tree with falling words, and glued it using glue and water, which worked a lot better in elementary school. It turned out wrinkly, but interesting.
I learned how to make an oragami rabbit, and walked my dog. this has been my most productive day in a long time.

It's weird, but actually having time to think is not helping me write a longer blog. I believe i might have a mental block when it comes to writing blog posts.

One week we should have a random confessions week. I know I already did this, but it wasn't very well thought out (at all), and we could have like the largest 15 confessions.
Also. There's been mentions of punishments. IDEAS! Leave them in comments. go.

So now i'm realising that even though this afternoon has been great, i actually have things to do. like homework, and chores.
Happy monday!

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