Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another Tuesday...


I'm quickly mass-replying to everyone's post here because... I can.
Emily, that journal thing sounds like a cool idea. Good luck!
Maggie, I don't think you're being punished... yet? Unless you missed three posts already? I don't think anyone is keeping track. And that old man is...strange.
Ellen, congratulations on completing your NaNoWriMo goal! *showers and applause*
Rachel, if you did do that - what would you send off to people?

I think the confessions idea is interesting, and it would give people ideas for punishments >D For example, I now know Ellen is fixing to get a microphone so if she ever gets three strikes, then we could force her to record something embarrassing >D (Or something like that. I don't meant to pick on you, it was the first example I saw/thought of.)

Speaking of punishments, I think we need to set up some sort of system to keep track of strikes. Like... can we add some sort of box/module on the layout or something? If nobody else knows how to to that, I'm willing to try.

And lastly, has anyone seen the latest vlogbrothers video? Because... I'm totally in it >D Try and find meeee!

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