Sunday, December 19, 2010


So I'm writing this post because tomorrow I will be away from any and all computers. That means no blog post. So I got a little bit confused with the whole Christmas exchange thing? What am I scanning into the computer? And who am I giving it to? I'm really terribly sorry, but I don't think i'll be able to have anything till next monday. Oh that's another thing. this whole not having a computer dilemma may last until then, and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to post until tuesday. I feel really bad about all this. sorry guys.
So now for some actual bloggy things. I found this really awesome website yesterday. It makes noise like the wii game, if you've ever spent too long on the menu. My dad and I spent like a half hour working out how it works and making songs and triads and stuff.

Project for Awesome looked like it had gone really well yesterday. I'm not a youtuber but I watched a whole bunch and it looked like it was a lot bigger than past years.

I'm a ravenclaw. It's always been my favorite house, and I feel like I'd fit in there best. I think it's cos it's sort of where the odd smart kids hang out. Definitely my thing.

So that's all I have time for. Sorry guys. Merry Christmas.

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