Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Musical Musings

I just bought Nevermind the Furthermore by the Remus Lupins and I'm blown away once again. One of my favorite wrockers has always been Alex Carpenter, but after listening to the same songs of his for a while, I sometimes forget why I like it so much. He is just such a great musician. The lyrics are what get me. They are poetic in the way I want poems to be.

We've been doing poetry based on the Westward Expansion movement in history/english this week and I've been sitting there doodling, waiting for a poem that doesn't rhyme. Don't get me wrong, I love rhyming poems, when they're done well. I don't like when, especially a serious poem, doesn't rhyme right and ends up sounding trite and ridiculous. Poetry doesn't have to rhyme people, don't force it!

Back to the Remus Lupins, I'd listened to a couple of songs on Nevermind the Furthermore and I suddenly realized that there was a lot of rhyming involved. However, unlike my classmates, these songs managed to use rhymes in a natural way. Maybe the music helps things flow better, but I feel like rhyming is a potent tool. Use it well, it is powerful, use it badly you risk massacring your message.

I suppose that's my review of music that turned into a rant against my classmates and their lack of rhyming skillz. Have a good week everyone!

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