Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Laaaate post of lateness.

I never thought that the first time I posted late would be when I wasn't even busy, LOL. I'm on Spring Break at the moment, and have been out of the house every single day since it started.

I'll backtrack to Wednesday, the Fine Arts Festival. It went very well! I sang, I danced, people applauded. It was a lot of fun! And my dance group is planning on doing something for Senior Spotlight too.

On Friday, we had Pi(e) day in calculus in honor of 3.14.
Mmm. Pie.

On Monday, I went to see Charlene Kaye in concert. My cousin is her manager, so I went half out of support. But Charlene is awesome, and I love her music regardless. She sang a lot of new things. I only knew Dress and Tie, which she sang last.

Tuesday, I saw Red Riding Hood. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone else. It wasn't very good. It was shot very well, sure, but I like plot > visuals.

Today I went to the rodeo with my cousins. It was exhausting, but exciting! We poked at animals, we ate fried everything, we rode rides. While we were looking at Elsie (the Borden cow) she started power peeing into her stall. It was awkward yet funny at the same time... I can at least say I've seen a large mammal urinate now.

And now I am way too tired to report anymore. Hope you guys are doing well!

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