Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things are crazy

I am sorry for my lack of post on Wednesday and then subsequent failure to make it up since then, but life has been dumping heaps on me at the moment.

Everything is okay, but my grandmother went into the hospital late last week. I live with my grandmother, aunt, uncle and mother. When my Grandma went into the hospital (my aunt and uncle took her) nobody bothered to call me or my mom and let us know this was happening. This lead to a fight between my aunt and uncle and my mother the next morning before school. My grandmother also had/has a disease on her foot which means that it is very difficult for her to get a bed in the hospital (in two days she went to five different beds). Things have just been kind of stressful, however this was all Thursday/Friday.

Wednesday was a different kind of stress. I had a poetry competition (not too, too stressful) and then my mom and I went out for dinner at a nice restaurant. Somehow the conversation turned to my dad and all the tough times we've been through as a family. We talked about why she and my dad haven't divorced yet and lots of heavy stuff. After that I was emotionally exhausted and pretty much came home and directly went to sleep without blogging/homeworking/anything else I should have been doing. So I'm sorry about the late post but it appears I wasn't the only one.

I hope everyone is having relatively better and less stressful weeks and here's to this week being filled with much more awesome than not-some. (There's lots of awesome in Your Pants! Go. Enjoy.)


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