Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Still super busy D:

In fact, I may be even busier this week than I was last week /cry.

This week I have auditions for the Fine Arts Festival, which I mentioned in my last post. It's an all-day talent showcase, unique to my school only. No other schools in the district does this (and we have this in addition to the annual charity/talent show!) This year I'm in a dance group with my friends, as well as singing a Disney medley solo. I'm not too nervous about auditions, but rehearsals and auditions take out a chunk out of my schedule. Some days we practice until 7, oi.

I'm really excited for all these new things coming into my life, but at the same time very nostalgic and sad. I was just performing in LAST year's festival - wasn't I!? It's hard to fathom I'm graduating in a few months, and I'm a bit reluctant to be a big girl and venture the world quite yet.

Anyway, I'm still buried in this pile of work so I'll report back next week.
Signing out!

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