Thursday, January 13, 2011

Title: You need to hear me out, and they said SPEAK NOW.

So... Hey :D
How's it going? I'm freezing right now, all alone in my lovely bedroom, only my sleeping dog as a reminder that there are other human lifeforms out there.
I kinda feel like that Will Smith movie... What's it called? I wanna say i-robot, but not that one, the one after it...?
Oh, oh! I am legand. That was a good movie. Not as good as Hancock though. But yeah I feel like that.
What has been happening since last week... Oh yeah I didn't write one last week, crap. I don't think I did? I don't remember... I'm sorry I didn't. It's been crazy right now.
My famjam were on vaycay, and then school.
What was two Thursdays ago then? Before new years?
Wow long time no see then, I haven't talk to ya'll in like a year :P

New years my sister, the awesome one, and I went to our friend's house and hung out. We didn't drink, much, but we did build awesome snowmen, and played What? ...if you've never heard of this game, you're deprived, seriously.

Then we went to Thornbury for a week. Sadly our friends did not, though they came for one day :)
But it was nice, because we finally got cable. We don't have it in our house, so it was highly awesome to have it again :)
I watched so many reality shows though, Say Yes to the Dress was my favourite. I watched it at least twice a day. It was on all the time I swear. But since wedding dresses are like my favourite thing ever I love that show ^^
But yeah it was mostly a lot of lazyness, and awesomeness cuz I wasn't at school. So it was a good week.

This past week has been kind of stressful, its the first week back at school, and I had to get new books, and get all caught up, and such. And my sister, the awesome one, has been freaking out too... She had to apply to universities this week, and she couldn't decide. Luckily finally she did. But other stuff, family, and with her friends, has just been horrible for the both of us. Me mostly because she rants to me and I worry about her. I don't mind, cuz I love her, but I just hope it all turns out. She and her friend are arguing because she likes him, and she didn't know if he did, so everytime he didn't answer her, which he did a lot, she thought he didn't back. But now she knows that he did and he was just being a douche. NoBigDeal. But he's upset and not talking to her, which makes her more upset, and neither of us know what to do... What do you think? :)

Current soundtrack of my life: Taylor Swift- Speak Now.
I am slowly growing to love that whole album. I was a little sketchy about some of the songs, but guess what... Those are currently my favourite ones :D oh the wonders of my life.
I have a mix of Mean and Speak Now in my head, partially because I was just listening to both those.
Haunted is awesome too... My sister, the awesome one, can't stop listening to it. Probably because it's the song she thinks describes everything right now. Which is kind of sad. I wish they could just work everything out. They were so adorable, they'd stay up late talking to each other, and he added her into his bro talk session when he didn't anyone else (I don't get it either, but it sounded cute when she explained it..), and he calls her a dork all the time. She's on all the time waiting for him to come on, and she just looks so happy when he finally does, its kind of sickening. And if I liked him more I would want them to go out. But he "cheated" on her once. He doesn't consider it, but we're both confused how he doesn't see it that way. So I haven't liked him since. Like really, who cheats on my sister... She's awesome!

I'm so glad it's finally almost Friday, and on top of that, I'm so glad that I have Fridays off. Long weekend all year round :D I'm so tired, I feel like I haven't had sleep all week, and I don't want to move or talk, or do anything. I just want to sit, and chill, in my cold, lonely room... >.>
I wish my sister, the awesome one, didn't have to go to bed before me, so that she would be awake when I finally come up here. I doubt she's asleep anyways, she's been having trouble sleeping too.
I'm hungry, I didn't eat dinner... I hate when my dad cooks, I wish he would just let me do it. Gosh!! I hate that he's always around and trying to be a part of things, I don't want him here, invading in on my stuff, on purpose, just to make me mad.

Oh well, I'm getting tired, and I have a long day of blah ahead of me tomorrow. So I think I'm going to go bug my awesome sister and see if she's still awake.
Night Ya'll :D ♥

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