Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday's Favorite Books

So I read a lot. My friends can attest to this. I'm always loaning them weird books I know they'll never read. But anyway. I think I'll write about not the good books, but the ones that stay with me. Because there's so many, I'm limiting myself to no more than 15. I might not get that high.
I'm thinking chronologically.
1.  Esperanza Rising, fifth grade. It was so well written, and the characters are still some of my favorites.
2. Aimee, Seventh Grade. It's about this girl who's best friend commits suicide. Its a really dark book, but it has so many bits that you don't notice until you read it again. I've read it three times. I realized that you don't know the protagonist's name until the end. I could analyze that, but it would take too long.
3. Looking For Alaska. Eighth grade, I believe. I've read it three times. It still makes me cry. I'm trying to get my school to adopt it as a sophomore book.
4. Everything is Illuminated. Safran Foer is one of the truest geniuses I've ever encountered. This book recounts the story of a Jewish man who is retracing his family's history. It's three plot lines, and impossible to follow at points, but it means I can read it multiple different ways.
5. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Last summer. same author. Less to say. I guess it sort of brought home the impact of 9/11. I hadn't really thought about it and I was only six when it happened, so this book was helpful.
6. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, every year since middle school. This is by far one of my favorite books of all time. Charlie is everybody in so many ways, but he's also one of the most unique characters i've ever seen.
Now I will randomly list good books.

It's kind of a funny story
Harry potters 1-7 with an emphasis on the third.
outrageous acts and Everyday Rebellions
When It Happens
V for Vendetta. Not technically a book, but i think it's my third favorite ever
A History of Love
John Stewart's guide to Democracy in America

I think that is it.

I also forgot to mention a while ago that I'm a ravenclaw. Yee.

Have a good week everyone !!!

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