Friday, January 7, 2011

Resolutions, Confessions and Bleh

Hey there guys. So this is Resolutions/Confessions week as agreed :]

happy New Year by the way. I just remembered that it was Hogmanay the last time I blogged here :]


  1. I've not felt feminine since a (male) friend told me that another boy in my year had called me a man. I don't even know if he was telling the truth.
  2. I eat the hot chocolate mix out of the jar .
  3. I sometimes still listen to my tweenies cd, S-club7 and S-club juniors. 
  4. I cry now every time I watch a harry potter movie
  5. I think I'm hilarious sometimes :]

This year I'm taking part in a project I came up with called the Procrasti-no-more project. For this project you come up with thirty resolutions and make sure you get them done. Here's mine.

  • Read 70 books.

  • Record an Album

  • Make a YouTube video at least once a month. On eitherellenandtheunicorns or timegirlsofgallifrey

  • Get three more books signed

  • Get five more signatures on my ‘Nerdfighter’ poster

  • Grape fast for 7 days (not all at the same time.)

  • Get a job

  • Blog at least once a week

  • Make a scrapbook of the year

  • Go to see something at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe or Book festival.

  • Do at least 2 hours of actual exercise a week. 

  • Raise and/or donate at least £300 pounds to charity

  • Do at least one painting a month

  • Pass Grade 3 piano with DISTINCTION

  • Practice oboe at least 3 days a week

  • learn to juggle with three balls

  • Visit new places

  • take at least 50 photos a month

  • Edit and order a copy of my nanowrimo novel 

  • Learn to make paper cranes.

  • eat 1000 marshmallows

  • write 50000 words worth of novel.

  • Do something about my awful eyebrows.

  • Starting January 6th. Come up with a reason that day was awesome and write it down

  • Learn to play my ocarina and mandolin

  • Spend at least one hour in the library a month

  • Go on at least ten carnival rides

  • Not eat fast food more than once a month

  • Volunteer Somewhere.

  • Keep my grades up

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