Monday, January 10, 2011

Hmmm *Deep Sigh*

            Everybody ends up somewhere. Even the kids who you think will end up living in a box end up somewhere. I'm beginning to realize this, and to be honest it takes a lot of the stress off of things. It makes me remember that even if I don't get the grades I want, I'll still end up functional. There are plenty of people I know personally that have survived their childhoods in spite of themselves. If they can do it so can I.
Lately I have also realized that if people were more observant and conscientious, then maybe the world would function properly. I think this might be being echoed in every single blog in every single corner of the internet at the moment, but it's true. And I'm guilty of not being observant myself, but that doesn't mean I don't try.

And a third revelation. (I'm just full of it this week, aren't I? This one came while I was brushing my teeth last night and i just absolutely had to blog about it. I really did.) Every problem could be solved by clear and direct communication. Just saying something in the clearest possible way would solve everything from domestic disputes to the Israel-Palestine issue. (maybe not Israel-Palestine, but something equally large and possibly less complex and personal to so many people). Of course, that's not recognizing the people who say things to influence people. That's a whole different beast. That I didn't have any revelations about, and therefore I don't feel I have to impress my ideas upon you with that one.

And I just had a fourth (last one I promise). If people don't seem like they'll end up somewhere, i'll still do my best to belive in them. And if I'm not observant and other people aren't as well, then I just have to remember that nobody can do everything all the time, and the real point is trying. And if nobody communicates properly, i'll try to love them for it anyway, and hope for the same.

So If you've read the preceding paragraphs, you're probably pretty lucky. Because you missed the dripping sarcasm intermingling with the self-centered fifteen year-old musings of an adolescent who is currently listening to way too much indie folk for her own good and the fact that she's blogging about it probably says far too many things about the pretentiousness of the said fifteen year old.  Enjoy your week.

A post script: There were a whole bunch of late posts last week, and I don't even see sandy's. This is weird. Is theresomething wrong with the posting button?

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