Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mmm whatcha say. Derek Morgan has all the right moves.

Wow guess what I did again... I forgot :(

I'm sorry.

On the upside... I love Reid :)
Both from Luke and Reid, and from Criminal Minds. But currently Spencer Reid. I love his hair cut...and the rest of him. He's soo yummy :) And so is Morgan. And I think they should just admit their love for each other and be together :D <3

So currently I'm sitting here with my sister, the awesome one, watching Reid/Morgan videos (hehe) and talkin about stuff, while I procrastinate on this and my other blog type thing on Livejournal... while she's rudely kicking my dog :( Poor puppy, she lives in this cruel, cruel world. :/

TBH I don't remember what I was talking about last week, and am too lazy to go check, so I'm not gonna continue on with anything if I was intending to... Oh, I just lied, I went and checked. It was nothing special. Just like all my other posts. haha.

Boats and Hoes... just sayin.

TGIPF... (Thank God It's Past Friday)-incase you were wondering. This week has been so long, it was like death on a stick. Legit. You should see what it's like for the awesome sister though, she has exams coming up, so this week has been all prep for that...boooring. My gosh, I'm so glad I'm done with highschool, and moved on :)
But I'm gonna miss her when she's done, cuz I know she's not gonna stay here. We're starting a youtube channel to stay together like Hank and John Green, but it still won't be the same...

I love Kristen Bell <3
I love everyone, just saying... I could sit here mentioning all the people I like apparently. Like Craig Ferguson... he is my FAVOURITE person EVER :D I've loved him since Saving Grace, that was a f*ing awesome movie, btw. Ftw... just sayin.
and the two of them together is like AHHHH <3
They're HILARIOUS. Look them up.
I never used to like her, but after watching Veronica Mars last year... i wish I was a lesbian so that I could marry her. :)

Yeah, so before I ADD rant... I'm gonna go. Cuz I already fail at life.

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