Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm starting this blog on Sunday! That's how badly I feel about these past few weeks.
I am 100% home now though. I think.
Anyway, this week's post is going to be about university. This may sound a bit odd coming from a sophomore, but it's something i think about on occasion. This week is definitely one of those times. Recently, I visited Toronto to chill with some cousins (50 or 60 of them), and to see the city and surrounding area(s). One of the best parts of the trip was seeing UofToronto. I'm pretty sure it was perfect. There's a castle for christsake. The whole thing looks like it could be taken out of Harry Potter. Maybe on a smaller scale, but close. Whatever the case, it was pretty cool.
I hate to say it, but i'm excited for Uni. There's this draw to it that i think every teenager feels. The idea of spending all your time learning the things you love with intelligent people who share your interests and living on your own and answering to nothing. Pretty idyllic. What teenager wouldn't want that.

So that's what i've been thinking about.

Also, i've been thinking about some poetry. Specifically, ones by a woman named Sarah Kay.

The video is at Bowery Poetry Club, where Sarah got her start. She's quite brilliant, and her poetry makes me think. Especially this one. It says so much about the bonds between siblings.

I think that's it for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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