Tuesday, August 31, 2010


WHY HELLO THERE. This is Sandy, and I'll be doing Tuesday blogs! I'm not really sure how to introduce myself without sounding a) boring or b) narcissistic. You can find the basics in my profile and I don't think I need to regurgitate all that information.

Besides, I think it's easier to identify people by their quirks rather than their favorite _____.
Example: "Hey! Don't you have that pink, zebra-striped moped?" or "Hey! You're the girl who lives next to the pedophile on Creeper Lane!" or "Hey! You're the girl who with the third arm!"

So instead of trying to rework something mundane into something interesting, I'll do this:

1. I don't like milk, though I'm pretty tall. This angers my midget-sized friends.
2. I've been blogging since fifth grade (I'm a senior in high school now). I still use that blog.
3. The people who know me best are the ones who can tell when I am being sarcastic or not.
4. I point my webcam away from my face even when it's plugged in because I'm afraid there are creepers spying on me.
5. I once stole a paperclip from the dollar store. It was my finest moment.

I invite the TBA (and any readers if you're out there) to share their random five in the comments! Anyway, my government textbook demands attention so I must go.

Signing off,

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