Friday, February 4, 2011

You are the only exception...and I'm on my way to believing it.

Guess who forgot to do their post again? haha that's right ME :D

Lol, I'm just sitting here next to my sister, theawesomeone, watchin the office.
I looooove Jim and Pam. They're like my favourite people ever, I can't wait until they get married. (I'm on like season three right now btw) any spoilers are welcome for anyone else.

Next weekend we're going to Ottawa for Whorshiplude/ Winterlude :D I for one am super excited. I'm kind of nervous though, I don't know many people. Not as many as my sister does, I hope she doesn't leave me for them :/ she probably will though, there's this guy she likes that's coming. I'm not very fond of him, so I can't decide whether I'll hang out with them or not...

I was just watching the new preview for Glee... Puckleberry were singing Need you now and it just didn't sound right. And for a few seconds I couldn't figure out why. And then I noticed it, and I've never even noticed this before...probably because they tend to listen to songs I don't like, or don't know well enough. But I love this song, so that's probably why I noticed... But Lea likes to Scoop WAY too much. There was not a line there where she didn't scoop. And I know I do it too much too, but I do it on my own songs. Not songs that aren't meant to have that many scoops. Gosh.
And really...they're pairing Puck and Rachel back together? No, PuckandQuinn, and FinnandRachel forthewin. No one else. I dislike how they can't seem to get these right. They said they loved each other...can't they just keep it that way. What the hell is Sam? He needs to be with Kurt, it's the whole reason he's here. He and Quinn aren't a good couple, Puck and Quinn are -.-

Has anyone noticed how good a movie the newer Pride and Prejudice is? Because I have. Keira and Matthew are completely adorable. I was just watching music videos on Youtube. The best ones are the Only One one, and any one to the song The Only Exception ... just because that song fits them so well. I haven't read all the book so far, but I loooove the movie. I haven't seen the Colin Firth one yet, but in my eyes Matthew makes such a better Mr. Darcy. He's hott, and awesome ^^

So that's all I have for now, mostly because I'm doing this quickly 1) because it's late, 2) my sister wants her computer back, and 3) because I accidently alreaady pushed post, and I don't want any potential readers missing anything :)
so ta-ta for now :) ttfn.

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