Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rachel, I'm very sorry about what is happening in your school. I know this must be a very difficult time in your community and I wish you all the best in this time.

Ellen, I can totally relate to your library/librarian story! If you have a study, the library at our school is not hard to use, however if you need to use it before or afterschool it's a nightmare. Our head librarian seems to hate sentient life. Our computers don't log you in for twenty plus minutes, so if you need to print a paper before class expect to be late by about twenty minutes before the computer can complete the complicated tasks of logging on, connecting to the internet, logging into my email and opening the document, which for some reason, the computer feels it must install Microsoft word Every. Single. Time! I really hope my printer doesn't break because with my first period teacher if you walk into class five minutes late, your paper is late. Also if you aren't in class you have to email the paper by 8:10 am. This just makes me uneasy like I understand the reasoning here, but if I'm really violently puking or deal with a family emergency I'm not going to stop and suddenly go, "Let me email Franklin my paper now!" I'm wondering what if I am in the emergency room or something like that and can't email the paper until like the next day, is he going to bring down his overlording grade power and stamp late on the paper any way? Really I just hope I don't run into that situation.

This week is a fairly good week for me because I am off on February break. This brings back a lot of nostalgia because last year's February break was spent going through all the old vlogbrothers videos. However this vacation I am doing something significantly less fun, which is cleaning my room. It's been a disaster since practically last summer and I'm trying to finally get it in working order. I'm tantilizingly close and am trying to finish before I sleep even if that means being up til four in the morning. My theory is that it is not a proper vacation if I don't wack out my sleep schedule!

Other awesome thing I'm doing this weekend is I'm working at the Real Food Summit in Boston:
My friend Muller is in that video and I only found that just now when I was Googling for a link to show you guys (like this one) but basically 300-500 people will be there and I'm going to do some workshops and possible a skit in front of all those people and it's going to be awesome!
Anyhoo, I hope everyone's week gets even better tomorrow, because I think we can always use a little more awesome.

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