Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One hundred and one!

100 is a beautiful number. This also means we're 27% through our first year, a little more than a fourth! That's pretty darn awesome. I was touched that you guys liked my music video so much *___* Taking the time to say thank you!

I have a LOT of new things going on in my life. Fun things, thankfully, but very time-consuming. They come in three formats.
a) the Economics Fair
b) the Fine Arts Festival and
c) Chinese New Year.

I'll probably talk more about A and B once they come closer, but C will be this Thursday! The third of February. Though the actual day is well, a day long, celebrations last all through the month. My favorite part is probably the receiving of money part. I quite like money. But there are also some weird Chinese New Year traditions that I'd like to share:

1. You aren't allowed to wash your hair.
This is supposedly bad luck, like you're washing out all your good fortune or something like that. Again, this is a month-long thing, but the holiday's become Americanized so we only skip on the day of.

2. You cannot buy shoes.
More bad luck stuff. The word for "shoes" in Chinese also sounds like "misfortune." I don't buy many shoes but...

3. You cannot but books.
THIS IS WHERE I DIE. The word for "books" sounds like "lose" - people don't want to "lose" their money, their good fortune, or whatever... which means I suffer for a month because my mom refuses to buy me any new books.

See you guys next week!

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